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1) The Terrible Self-Righteousness of George Weigel at First Things
2) Violence All Across the World, including Ferguson, Missouri
3) Reagan's View of History Still Prevails
4) Nick Hanauer: Beware, Fellow Plutocrats, the Pitchforks are Coming
5) Blowing Up Jonah: The Political Use of Religious Symbols
6) Listen to Rabbi Henry Siegman on Gaza: Killing Innocents
7) The Lost Iraq War
8) It is Not Anti-Semitic to Question Israel's Right to Exist as an Ethnic State
9) Republicans Elect Mark Walker: A Racist, Blasphemous, Baptist Pastor
10) There is No Religious Left
11) Crisis in Ukraine: A Bit of Background
12) Teachers Turn Against Obama
13) The Trouble With Brain Science
14) The Roman Catholic Supreme Court Decides What is 'Sincere' Religious Belief
15) Karl Polanyi and the Stark Utopianism of Market Fundamentalism
16) Corporate Provided Health Care Has To Go

Article  by Janet Allon:  Saving the planet from climate change may be cheap, maybe even free, says economist Paul Krugman. Everyone should be marching this Sunday afternoon.  9/19/2014

Article  by Brentin Mock:  Here are practical means to organize local communities taking race and civil rights into account in policy planning for environmental justice and climate change, like a project in Spartanburg, S.C.  9/18/2014

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Israel has made Gaza into an Arab death camp. American political support for Israel is a sign of complete corruption of the political class. Hope is possible in people who decide to revolt.  9/17/2014

Article  by Richard D. Wolff:  Socialists still have the accumulated history, experience, and theoretical means to define a socialism for the 21st century that can rally, mobilize, and unify capitalismís diverse victims and critics  9/17/2014

Article  by Philip Clayton:  Along with Karl Barth and Jurgen Moltmann, Pannenberg was a major figure in contemporary theology, influencing Robert Jenson, John Cobb, Carl Braaten, Stan Grenz, and Ted Peters.  9/16/2014

Article  by Noam Chomsky:  This article could be rewritten from a faith perspective as a theology of current history. That is what the bible is, larger, over-arching historical interpretation.  9/5/2014

Article  by Tom Engelhardt:  Looking back over a couple decades in the Middle East, it appears that the more the U.S. fights terrorists, the more terrorists are created. We do just what terrorists want, using violence  9/2/2014

Article  by Rocky Barker:  Defining just what is meant by the 'wild' has never been easy. Is it what never changes? Does nature have to be managed to stay the same? Climate change is changing wilderness in Idaho.  9/2/2014

Article  by Robert B. Reich:  Thirty years ago, the average gap on SAT-type tests between children of families in the richest 10 percent and bottom 10 percent was about 90 points on an 800-point scale. Today itís 125 points.  9/1/2014

Article  by Rachel M. Cohen:  It could be more cost-effective to just appropriate enough direct funds to public housing and keep it in the public sector, but Congress is not about to do so. Now Obama is willing to privatize it.  9/1/2014

Article  by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite:  What is happening in Ferguson is the logical outcome of a renewed and very shrill racism alive today in communities and media across the nation. We need to call it what it is, an evil.  8/21/2014

Article  by William OíConnor:  A new book by Robert Wuthnow about Texas raises serious questions of how religion and race influence the process of history and politics. Southern Baptist religion is neither Protestant nor Christian.  8/21/2014

Article  by Amy Goodman:  White men who have irrational fear of black men should not be policing in black communities. Black people should control black communities. We just need basic democracy! Finally!  8/21/2014

Article  by Thomas Adams:  Politics is supposed to be the way people govern themselves. But poor and black people are not allowed access to politics. They are controlled by others who make money off of them.  8/21/2014

Article  by Joe Conason:  Communities like Ferguson don't erupt over nothing. Systematic racism has been encouraged by a number of groups, including right wing talk show hosts.  8/20/2014

Article  by Giorgio Agamben:  Here is an interview with a major thinker of our time, one discussing political theory with the help of theological background. Thought is the courage of hopelessness and exposes death camp thinking.  8/19/2014

Article  by Carl Raschke:  The group called ISIS aims to form an Islamist state in Syria and Iraq and is very quickly capturing global attention and drawing willing fighters for the faith. Apocalyptic, Revivalist religion.  8/14/2014

Article  by Ed Knudson:  There is much political content in the life and work of Robin Williams who took his own life yesterday. He poured out his life for others in a way that reminds us of Christian faith.  8/12/2014

Article  by Jason Zengerle:  White Republicans have taken over southern legislatures and now don't even have to talk to black politicians there. Voting rights now mean nothing. Tax money now funds racist private schools.  8/12/2014

Article  by Shamako Noble:  To form a new Peopleís Movement for justice, equality, human rights and democracy forums will be held in Philadelphia, Pa., Jackson, Ms., and San Jose, Ca.  8/11/2014

Article  by Gabor Steingart:  Willy Brandt and the Berlin Wall are recalled to refute the growing war fever against Putin and the Russians threatening the peace of Europe. This must stop now!.  8/10/2014

Article  by Bob Fitrakis:  The party that claims to stand for ethics and values has a terrible record on telling the truth, and even treason. Nixon, remember, was a Republican.  8/9/2014

Article is just one of the organizations sponsoring what will be the largest demonstration concerning climate change so far. Try to get to NYC if you can. It's really important.  7/31/2014

Article  It is time for the U.S. to condemn Israeli bombardment of civilian centers and the blockade just as strongly as it has condemned indiscriminate rockets from Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups  7/24/2014

Article  by Richard Horsley:  Resa Aslan's book claiming Jesus as a 'Zealot' confuses outdated scholarly categories and seems to write Jesus off as just another 'false' messiah. Is there an unwritten subtext in Aslan's writing?  7/23/2014

Article  by Donna Nevel:  The current Israeli government is based on the idea that Jewish life is more precious than Palestinian life, which makes Israel a 'racist state'. That idea is behind the current conflict.  7/23/2014

Article  by Ed Knudson:  In an exchange of letters regarding a statement endorsed by the Oregon Area Jewish Committee, Israel is urged to stop playing the victim game and take responsibility for its role in settlements.  7/18/2014

Article  by Elizabeth A. Eaton:  As Israel continues a ground offensive against Gaza, which is experiencing much more suffering and loss of life than Israel, the attention of the world is focused on that region.  7/18/2014

Article  by Carl Raschke:  Without a larger narrative it is impossible to give meaning to particular events. Here is discussion of issues in light of postmodernism, Lyotard, Mark Lilla and David Brooks.  7/18/2014

Article  The Central Committee of the WCC has made an important decision to care for creation and reverse climate change by saying 'no' to investment in fossil fuels.  7/17/2014

Article  by Sam Pizzigati:  A new study shows privatization leads to more inequality. What's needed are new forms of public ownership, especially in energy. And Amazon, Google, and Facebook should now become public utilities.  7/14/2014

Article  by Chris Hedges:  It has become impossible for Israel to change itself, to provide justice for Palestinians. It must be forced to do so by outside forces like in South Africa. This has become a global moral imperative.  7/14/2014

Article  by James Petras:  Here is a look around the world from the perspective of those looking for more justice and peace for all, It's a good time to organize new groups to bring a new order to the countries of the world.  7/13/2014

Article  by Paul Rosenberg:    7/10/2014

Article  It turns out what conservatives say about the Affordable Care Act is completely wrong. Even the Koch Brothers' ads against it have actually helped people enroll  7/10/2014

Article  by Mark Engler:  Insider politics often fails. A transformational approach can turn the impossible into the inevitable. Consider the theories of Gene Sharp and Robert Helvey.  7/10/2014

Article  The World Council of Churches announced it will hold an Interfaith Summit on Climate Change on September 21-22, 2014, in New York City.  7/10/2014

Article  by Scott Gast:  The public church today must work to help create new economic institutions, not just policies, in this country. Gar Alperovitch talks about how to begin to do it.  7/6/2014

Article  by Clive Thompson:  How can we make the global economy work for 7 billion humans? Stop growing it. Think about a whole new era of peace and human flourishing!  6/29/2014

Article  by Juan Cole:  Three ways the youth rebellions are still shaping the Middle East despite what's happening now in Iraq and Syria and Egypt.  6/29/2014

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