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1) The New Political Mission of the Historic Protestant Church
2) When Fascism Comes to America; What Love of Country Really Means
3) Senators Marco Rubio and Joni Ernst Don't Know the Difference between Sunni and Shia Islam
4) The Shameful Media Attack on John Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes
5) Francis Says God Loves the Marginalized
6) Rand Paul Disqualifies Himself
7) Oxfam Report: How the Wealthy Get Their Money by Not Working or Paying Taxes
8) John Boehner Wants The U.S. to go to War with Iran
9) Martin Luther on Charlie Hebdo: Sick Secularism and Billy Graham
10) Whose Speech is Actually Free?
11) Historic Protestant Speech is Not Free in America Today

Article  by Chris Hedges:  The church can help working class and middle class Americans to come together around new leaders like Kshama Sawant and Gayle McLaughlin.  3/16/2015

Article  Forty-seven Republican senators were wrong on constitutional and treaty facts in their letter to Iran against peaceful negotiations of President Obama. Sign this open letter.  3/13/2015

Article  by Eric Margolis:  Military equipment producers and sellers, intelligence agencies and personnel, aggrieved white men afraid they are losing control to colored folk, all have reason to keep the public terrorized.  2/28/2015

Article  by Jonathan Steele:  A book by Richard Sakwa is reviewed exposing the hugely negative role of NATO and the role of intelligence agencies in keeping the Cold War going at all costs. Crucial reading for peace activists.  2/28/2015

Article  by Uri Avnery:  A famous Israeli peace activist speaks plainly about how much Netanyahu needs the Congressional podium for his election. John Boehner betrays the United States.  2/28/2015

Article  by Aldon D. Morris:  A new study of the origins of sociology in this country will be published this summer. Here is an introduction by the author with praise from other black scholars.  2/28/2015

Article  by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig:  Mike Huckabee and other Republican candidates appealing to the religious right have a false view of both Christianity and the history of the nation.  2/27/2015

Article  by Kevin Zeese:  A newsletter called 'Popular Resistance' reports on civil disobedience against fossil fuels in Maryland and New York. Here are ideas for other groups.  2/21/2015

Article  by Glenn Greenwald:  Isis is now killing Egyptian Christians in Libya, which was supposed to have been liberated by the US and Europe from Gaddafi. What went wrong?  2/21/2015

Article  by Thom Hartmann:  The American military wrecked Iraq. Then Bush appointees thought the 'free market' would magically solve all problems. Here is what we should do now.  2/21/2015

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Governor John Kitzhaber has been forced to resign over his partner, Cylvia Hayes. The newspaper disliked their clean energy policies and went on a vicious campaign against them.  2/13/2015

Article  by Thom Hartmann:  The current GOP House has just changed the rules about how Social Security Disability is paid for, with huge implications for taxes and benefits. Remember Jude Wanniski, Arthur Laffer, David Stockman.  2/12/2015

Article  by Karen Green:  According to this writer even John Rawls does not provide a political theory beyond a pluralism of historical options. Then violence becomes the absolute.  2/7/2015

Article  by Paul Mason:  The classic couple in a dysfunctional economy is a grey-haired man with a twentysomething woman. It becomes a story of old men with oligarchic power flaunting their wealth and influence. (The Kochs)  2/7/2015

Article  Here is a response from Lutheran seminary leaders to a statement from African-American presidents and deans in theological education.  2/6/2015

Article  by Greg Grandin:  By declaring Oscar Romero a martyr Francis is changing the church's official stance toward this movement of concern for justice for the poor and oppressed.  2/5/2015

Article  by Eric Alterman:  The New Republic was In trouble long before Chris Hughes bought it. Marty Peretz wrecked it and made it a neoconservative haven and was fixated on Israel and hatred of Arabs. A very sad history.  2/5/2015

Article  by John Feffer:  Europe has recently been thinking economic ideas are much more important than religion or culture. It thinks austerity more important than prosperity. Now it is in real trouble.  1/27/2015

Article  by Carl Raschke:  After Charlie Hebdo, here is a brief history of critical theory, and a critique of multiculturalism and progressivism. Slavoj Žižek points to a new, grand vision worthy of personal commitment.  1/23/2015

Article  by Erin Wathen:  One of the most important New Testament scholars of recent years has died. His book 'Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time' inspired thousands.  1/22/2015

Article  by Boaventura de Sousa Santos:  A radical new politics is emerging in southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, Greece) against financial, banking elites and big corporations. Stimulated by ideas from South America the movement may spread.  1/19/2015

Article  by Olivier Tonneau:  Modern societies need to be organized based on politics, not religion. Fundamentalists demand society be organized by religion, and use violence to get their way. Very good article.  1/16/2015

Article  by Michael Varlamos :  The movie 'Selma' on the fiftieth anniversary of the famous rights march has increased interest in the legacy of Martin Luther King. Here is an account from the perspective of the Greek Orthodox.  1/13/2015

Article  by Ann Jones:  Now living in Oslo, Norway, the well-traveled author runs into people all over who wonder if the country is losing its mind. Are crazy people running things here?  1/12/2015

Article  by John Vidal:  A papal encyclical on climate change is being prepared by Pope Francis, in order to affect a major meeting in Paris in 2015. This will be a huge event in public theology for the coming year.  12/29/2014

Above are items added in the last 90 days. For all items published here see each section.

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