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by Ed Knudson

1) Not Much Planning in Houston
2) Members of Trump's Religious Advisory Council Have Not Resigned
3) Slavery, Original Sin, and Redemption: A Statement of Faith
4) A Stampede of Charities has Canceled Planned Fundraising Events at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club
5) Church Leaders in Charlottesville Prepared for White Supremacists
6) White House Staffer Fired Over Memo on Cultural Marxism (or, Critical Social Theory)
7) Trump is a Drama Queen: Weak and Sniveling; Whiny, Weepy, Self-Pitying. But Fox News Loves Him
8) Southern Baptist Pastor Calls for Holy War against North Korea
9) There Will Be No Wall, Says John Kelly
10) The Misuse of Martin Luther on Predestination
11) John McCain Gives Heroic Speech Denouncing Terrible Thing That He Just Voted For
12) Disgusting: Trump Attacks American Institutions in Speech to Boy Scouts
13) Philosopher Richard Rorty Predicted Election of a Racist Strongman for President
14) Washington Post Publishes Lots of Libertarian Nonsense
15) The Spontaneous Order of James Buchanan; No Government Necessary for This Libertarian
16) Republicans Fail Entirely on Health Care; Trump Turns Against His Voters
17) Trump Had Morality Hammered Out of Him by His Family History
18) Trump, Like Others Who Follow the Russian Atheist, Ayn Rand, is in Serious Trouble
19) Trump and the Russian Mafia
20) Ted Cruz's Free Choice Means Death to Thousands; the Myth of Personal Responsibility
21) Trump Didn’t Win the Working Class. The Democrats Lost It
22) NRA Thinks White Alienated Males are Feeling Sorry for Themselves
23) Widespread Rebukes of Trump's Blood Tweets; Calls for Retraction
24) Peter Berger Dies. Our Knowledge is Not Our Own
25) Not All Lutherans are the Same. Supreme Court Favors One Type Only
26) Obamacare is a Conservative Model of Healthcare and is Failing; Now It's Time for Single Payer
27) It's Clear Now: Putin Wanted Trump, Not Clinton

Article  by Ed Knudson:  James Comey investigates Trump's relation to Russian interference in the election. So Trump fires him. Mike Flynn may be a Russian stooge. Trump may owe Putin millions. Impeachment is probably coming  9/7/2017

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Capitalism has created a decayed world where opportunity, which confers status, self-esteem and dignity, has dried up for most Americans. They are expressions of acute desperation and morbidity. Rise!  9/4/2017

Article  by Richard Eskow:  The modern Republican Party has been telling people that government should be diminished in all its forms, because it doesn’t do anything useful. Then comes a hurricane.  8/31/2017

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Join the resistance movement against Trump. Help create the conditions for his removal from office. Find others with whom you can act to make a difference.  8/17/2017

Article  by Genevieve Valentine:  Libertarian legal theorists and others are going nuts over this new book by Nancy Maclean. She exposes how the Koch brothers have taken over the Republican Party. It's not conservative anymore.  8/16/2017

Article  by Chris Hedges:  The more Trump is isolated and attacked the more he is supported by the so-called religious right. Read this for the truth about current religion in politics today and its dangers.  8/16/2017

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Donald Trump is himself a racist despite anything he says later after he avoided the truth about what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Daily Stormer celebrates the death of Heather Heyer.  8/13/2017

Article  by Jessica Corbett:  Trump and congressional Republicans' recent actions on healthcare legislation will likely cause double-digit insurance premium hikes for millions of Americans in 2018, Kaiser reports.  8/10/2017

Article  by Ronald S. Bonner Sr.:  Christian ethics must resist the collaboration with evil and indifference and seek to eliminate and not exacerbate injustice, poverty and apathy in the 21st century.  7/31/2017

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Mitch McConnell learned last night that winning isn't everything. Once in a while someone comes along and does what is right. It might be John McCain's last big public act.  7/28/2017

Article  by Thomas Graham:  Trump is desperate to stop the current investigation so he can help Putin do what Putin needs. Here is good background for understanding the Russia investigation.  7/27/2017

Article  by Stuart Jeffries:  The German people are hearing from philosophers in the pupular media. Wow. Some history of social critical theory, Adorno, and current thought leaders. In U.S.A. politicians want to keep people stupid  7/24/2017

Article  by Jeremy Scahill:  History professor Alfred McCoy talks about the sins of American history, heroin in Vietnam, the CIA use of drug money in Iran-Contra, the rise of China, Bush's disastrous war in Iraq, Trump weakness  7/23/2017

Article  by Charles Mathewes:  A biography of Jurgen Habermas is appreciated by this author, who also discusses Michel Foucault. Concepts for understanding politics in the public sphere, future direction.  7/21/2017

Article  by Chris Hedges:  'I made up my mind that I was not one bit better than' other people. Here is hope for real politics, not phony politicians, hope for regular folks rather than just the rich elite. Read this now!  7/18/2017

Article  by Peter E. Gordon:  Death is hard to contemplate. This article helps think about the death of a political movement, death of the Protestant church, and what may come after. Face facts of current history,  7/18/2017

Article  by McKenzie Wark:  A review and comments on books by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and Déborah Danowski, whose writings jolt the mind and force new thinking. Learning from Amerindians.  7/12/2017

Article  by Ed Knudson:  In the case of Trinity Lutheran Church, a Missouri Synod congregation, the court reverses a state decision. It favors the false views of the religious right about religious freedom.  7/12/2017

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Luther's understanding of the cross functions as a critique of all 'theologies of glory' and as such is widely being retrieved to inform Christian formation.  7/11/2017

Article  by Larry L. Rasmussen:  A great awakening is underway about climate matters, despite current politics and a clown president. The laws of nature do not allow unlimited economic growth. Think planetary commons, uncontained God  7/11/2017

Article  by Rivke Jaffe:  Right now the public consciousness is completely dominated by what a clown president is doing. It is compelling in its nihilism. But what we need now is political imagination.  7/10/2017

Article  by Ed Knudson:  The terms 'conservative', 'liberal', and 'libertarian' are so misunderstood today. The latter are the real utopians. Did the devil elect Donald Trump? Is government bad? Consider intersectionality.  7/10/2017

Article  by Katy Wright:  Oxfam leads in analyzing the global wealth divide. Just 8 men now own same wealth as half the world. How can we talk about this in a way that makes a difference?  7/10/2017

Article  by David Smith:  The Warsaw speech pits western world against barbarians at the gates. Is this a 'God of the West' or what? It is blasphemy to misuse the name of God for one's own selfish purposes. Trump should stop.  7/6/2017

Article  by Michelle Alexander and Naomi Klein:  New political platforms and organizing is necessary now, other than just Democrat and Republican. Stop telling lies. Build renewable energy projects to fund child care. New ideas, new alliances.  7/6/2017

Article  by Bill Moyers:  The gun lobby's new recruitment ad is really a call for white supremacy and armed insurrection, deliberately crafted to stir anger and fear. Alienated white males should not fall for this.  6/30/2017

Article  by Julian Agyeman:  The author speaks of 'Interculturally Inclusive Spaces as Just Environments'. Designing for people not economics. Read about Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa doing urban transformation in Colombia.  6/29/2017

Article  by Gregor Thuswaldner:  On hearing of the death of Peter Berger today I found this helpful article on how his thinking has changed.  6/28/2017

Article  by David Sessions:  The super-rich are funding thought leaders to justify their wealth. Pastors who preach from the bible have a different function. A review of Daniel W. Drezner's book.  6/28/2017

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