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1) False Superiority Syndrome: A Terrible Disease of the European White Mind
2) Delusion: Ben Carson Thinks Saul Alinsky Worshipped the Devil
3) Understanding the Context for Preaching
4) Journalists Must Treat Trump Differently
5) Reading Grace in History through a Black Lens
6) A Dark Day for the UK
7) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Has Got to Go to Unite Democrats Against the Racist, Trump
8) John Caputo On Divine Sovereignty and the Weakness of God

Article  by Hua Hsu:  Read this to understand why poor whites are supporting Donald Trump. Reference here to Robert P. Jones' book 'The End of White Christian America'.  7/22/2016

Article  by David Gushee:  Listen to Dr. David Gushee give an amazing speech on why the church must fully include gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transexual persons. This is a strong, affirming statement. Contempt has to stop.  7/21/2016

Article  by Mike Konczal:  Two new books show how Paul Ryan's ideas from Ayn Rand are so wrong. America has always had a 'mixed economy', both market and state. This article helps understand subsidiarity views today.  7/19/2016

Article  by Andrew Robinson:  The context of economic crisis and rising fascism cast a long, and fatal, shadow over Walter Benjamin's world in the Weimar Republic. This shadow strangely prefigures our own time.  7/16/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Under so-called 'free market' ideology dominant for several decades now, society is being torn apart with racial and class divisions. It has to stop. We want a free society served by a managed economy  7/15/2016

Article  by Hanna Rosin:  The police in Aarhus, Denmark, are using an approach called 'noncomplementary behavior' to reach young Muslim men. What an idea!  7/15/2016

Article  by Stella Sandford:  Here is an interesting discussion of the racial views of Enlightenment figures, especially Lutheran philosopher Immanuel Kant.  7/6/2016

Article  by Deana A. Rohlinger:  The Supreme Court’s Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt ruling effectively renders unconstitutional abortion restrictions in some two-dozen states, forcing abortion opponents to now play defense.  7/5/2016

Article  by Karen L. Bloomquist:  The World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the Lutheran World Federation, the World Council of Churches have all spoken out against neoliberal mandates causing loss of jobs and dislocation.  7/5/2016

Article  by Karen L. Bloomquist:  Michael Gerson has commented on Face the Nation, 'the Republican Party is in panic; will this now result in a revolt?' Big changes seem possible again now like what happened in the Reformation  7/5/2016

Article  by German Lopez:  The state of Mississippi adopted a religious tyranny bill against gay and lesbian people under the guise of 'religious freedom'. Judge Carlton Reeves saw through it and threw it out. Good for him.  7/4/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Those who say Trump won 'fair and square' are wrong. He didn't win at all. He was given the nomination by the fawning corporate press who couldn't help themselves covering him to make money.  7/3/2016

Article  by William K. Black:  Rejecting the real concerns of the working class, Democrats have adopted the 'creative class' of meritorious professionals as their primary constituency, and have been failing terribly.  7/3/2016

Article  by Daniel Zamora:  How did Foucault understand neoliberalism, and how did he actually position himself vis-à-vis the shifting political currents of the 1970s on welfare state?  6/29/2016

Article  by Slavoj Zizek:  There is disorder under heaven today with the Brexit referendum and terrible confusion in politics. People don't know what they are voting for or why. Should we despair?  6/29/2016

Article  by Kevin O'Leary:  The legacy of slavery and segregation creeps northward. Trump is less New York chutzpah and more Southern demagogue. This is a complete and compelling article important for all pastors and lay people  6/27/2016

Article  by Jay Mathews:  The 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 1517 is leading folks to remember how the modern world started up and Luther's role in it. Full public education is one of his ideas!!  6/27/2016

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Big losses by banks and investors due to Brexit will bring them to demand another bailout like 2008. That could lead to a Trump victory. Big political decisions ahead says Michael Hudson.  6/25/2016

Article  by Terrance Heath:  The tragedy in Orlando reveals that the three issues that once made up the Republican’s “winning formula” may have finally ripened into political poison for the GOP.  6/24/2016

Article  by John Gehring:  The false use of the term 'religious liberty' by Roman Catholic Bishops is being promoted again now. These bishops want obedience, not freedom. New ways to approach this are needed.  6/24/2016

Article  by Michael Gerson:  A conservative religious commentator critiques evangelicals who support Donald Trump so cheaply, a man of bigotry and malice.  6/24/2016

Article  by Richard Eskow:  The uprising has begun, but who will lead it? The left based on justice and inclusion, or the right based on illusion, fear, and hatred of others? Financial elites have caused chaos in politics.  6/24/2016

Article  Bonhoeffer: 'Silence in the face of evil is itself evil.... Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.' Act against Donald Trump.  5/27/2016

Article  by Catherine Turner:  A key concept of Jacques Derrida is here brilliantly elucidated. Pastors may want to consider how this applies to how the messianic is incarnated in the interpretive process of history and preaching.  5/27/2016

Article  by Robert Kagan:  Donald Trump is a television huckster, a phony billionaire, a textbook egomaniac “tapping into” popular resentments and insecurities, but an entire national political party falls into line.  5/23/2016

Article  by David Hoskins:  Nicolas Maduro declared a constitutional state of emergency in that country. Right wing capitalists are trying undo the revolution that brought material hope to so many.  5/18/2016

Article  by Carl Raschke:  Hillary Clinton's announcement that she will use her husband for economic advice is a terribly serious mistake. She must pivot fast toward a position of economic justice for white working people.  5/18/2016

Article  Theologian Kathyrn Tanner is giving the Gifford Lectures this year. She is saying that religious faith today needs to help undermine the legitimacy of the current form capitalism has taken  5/7/2016

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