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1) Trump is Not a Normal Politician and Was Not Elected Fair and Square
2) A Prayer for Standing Rock
3) Trump Will Be Impeached within a Year
4) David Brooks on the Authoritarian Anti-Politics of Trump
5) An Anti-Trump Resistance Movement Begins with Protesters in Streets Nationwide
6) Hillary Lost Because of Her Husband's Economic Policies
7) Evangelicals Elect a Racist Pervert as President
8) Very Serious National Decline
9) The Silly Controversy about Hillary's Emails
10) Trump Offers to Rescue Lower Income White People in a Secular Rapture
11) The Crisis of Conservative Intellectuals
12) James Comey Should Resign or Be Fired
13) Traveling Luther's Life 500 Years Later
14) The Death of Tom Hayden

Article  by Stephen R. Haynes:  The election of Donald Trump has raised questions whether or not this may be a moment when serious Christian opposition and resistance to the state is necessary for faithful witness.  11/30/2016

Article   Trump's election demonstrates that fundamentalist pastors in rural areas are preaching a false god which justifies racism, hatred, sexual immorality, anti-intellectualism, and extreme commercialism.  11/22/2016

Article  by Glenn Greenwald:  Media stars and network executives made pilgrimage on Monday to the 25th floor of Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect. They all agreed that the discussions would be 'off the record'.  11/22/2016

Article  by Joshua Holland:  A lot of low-income voters believed Trump when he promised to make America great. They’re in for a rude awakening. Pastors need to get ready to help.  11/22/2016

Article  by Edward Helmore:  Lots of online discussion is going on about a book called 'Achieving Our Country' where a nonsuburban electorate decides the system has failed and votes for a messiah.  11/21/2016

Article  by Joan C. Williams:  Progressives' obsession with prioritizing cultural issues infuriates many Americans whose chief concerns are economic. White workers resent professionals but admire the rich.  11/18/2016

Article  by Jonathan Matthew Smucker:  Trump has shown himself to be more powerful than his own party’s leadership, and more powerful than the Democratic Party. We are living in populist times. Democrats need new leaders.  11/18/2016

Article  by Kali Holloway:  For 18 months we have watched this demagogue with nary a workable policy to his name wage one of the most violent campaigns against us in our lifetimes, and seen his star rise because of it.  11/17/2016

Article  by Zygmunt Bauman:  Trump became the President of the US because he made it clear to Americans that he will be a 'decisionist' authoritarian leader, one ruling will, one savior.  11/16/2016

Article  by Alec MacGillis:  Hillary Clinton and the Democrats were playing with fire when they effectively wrote off white workers in the small towns and cities of the Rust Belt.  11/14/2016

Article  by Jerome Burce:  The citizens of my country have just picked a pig to be the next president. The man wallows in sin. He does it with glee. There is not a commandment he has failed to violate. The necessity of Christ.  11/12/2016

Article  by Steve Phillips:  The election results are a backlash against the changes associated with the demographic revolution and a blow to the movement for justice and equality. Here is how to reorganize.  11/12/2016

Article  by Brad Sigal:  Chants ranged from 'We reject the president elect!' and 'Not our president!' to chants supporting particular struggles and movements like immigrant rights, Black Lives Matter, Native struggles, more.  11/11/2016

Article  by Jeff Guo:  Donald Trump was elected by mostly uneducated voters in rural areas. A book by Kathy Cramer helps us understand how they think. But Trump will enact policies hurtful to their lives, their families.  11/10/2016

Article  by Matthew Potts:  Christians worship a loser who died on a cross, rejected by all. He warned his followers that the temple, at the center of governance at the time, would be destroyed. Now our foundations are shaking.  11/10/2016

Article  by David Remnick:  The alt-right press was the purveyor of constant lies, propaganda, and conspiracy theories that Trump used as the oxygen of his campaign. Do not think Trump can unify America.  11/10/2016

Article  by Robert Parry:  Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat reflected a gross misjudgment by the Democratic Party about the depth of populist anger against self-serving elites who have treated much of the country with disdain  11/9/2016

Article  by Ioannis Kampourakis:  Counterpublics are formed as a response to the exclusions of the dominant publics. Consider what theology creates church as a counterpublic.  11/8/2016

Article  by Todd Gitlin:  All Christian pastors should read this account of the current public media environment which creates the cultural context for possible religious beliefs. Trump spreads bullshit.  11/7/2016

Article  by Philip S. Gorski:  Discussing why evangelicals support Trump, the author points out that bloody conquest and violent apocalypse have been the basic recipe for religious nationalism American-style.  11/5/2016

Article  by Douglas Kellner:  Erich Fromm’s categories can help describe Trump’s character, or 'temperament,' a word used to characterize a major flaw in Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign.  11/5/2016

Article  by Whitney Snyder:  Two sources told Reuters that investigators in the FBI’s New York field office are 'known to be hostile' to Clinton. A book promoted by Steve Bannon is used as evidence.  11/5/2016

Article  A call to action on November 3, 2016, was issued by the Episcopal Church and others to help protect waters of the Missouri River from oil pipelines.  11/4/2016

Article  by Sam Levin:  The surprise verdict over the armed occupation has left many concerned that it will encourage other militias to take action against the government. This was an irresponsible jury.  10/29/2016

Article  by Olav Fykse Tveit:  The General Secretary of the World Council of Churches talks about celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  10/27/2016

Article  by Avishai Margalit & Assaf Sharon:  Responding to Michael Walzer's book, 'The Paradox of Liberation', these authors reject the idea that liberals should critically engage with religious revivalism.  10/24/2016

Article  by John Feffer:  Some white men think their world is ending with liberal achievements of equal rights for women, blacks, immigrants. They hate internationalism and multiculturalism. And they are now revolting.  10/13/2016

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