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1) A Corrupt Form of Christianity is Destroying the Republican Party
2) President Obama: 'We are Easter People'
3) Evangelicals are Not Voting Trump, Jacksonians Are
4) The Modern War on Drugs Began as Nixon's Racist Assault on Black People
5) Listen to a Black Man Standing Silently at a Trump Rally
6) Who Should be President? Strict Father or Nurturing Parent
7) Trump is a Fraud Who is Playing the American People as Suckers, Says Romney
8) Asked about Donald Trump's Wall, Pope Francis Suggests He 'Is Not Christian'
9) How the Portland Media Help Make Domestic Terrorists into Heroes

Article  by Robert Borosage:  Jim Winkler of the NCC and Simone Campbell of Network social justice lobby are leading an interfaith alliance calling on presidential candidates to pledge moral action on the economy, a living wage.  4/4/2016

Article  by Gordon Marino:  Joe Biden has faced much grief in his life and found some help in the words of Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard.  4/2/2016

Article  by Valerie Tarico:  Filmmaker Dawn Porter in the movie 'Trapped' pays tribute to the abortion providers of the Deep South. Many see this as a ministry. It is the anti-abortion advocates who are hysterical, anti-Christian  4/2/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  A Maundy Thursday sermon at Augustana Lutheran, Oregon. Jesus washes feet. References to violence in 20th century, in Brussels, and at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge by anti-federal government zealots.  3/26/2016

Article  by Thom Hartmann:  People are demanding an 'outsider' in this election, someone who listens to real people, not the upper class. Thomas Frank's book on liberals helps point to a crisis of representation in America.  3/21/2016

Article  by Stephen Prothero:  The so-called 'evangelicals' have been taken over by hostile political ideologies which haven't delivered on abortion, same-sex marriage or much else. Ted Cruz is a Dominionist joke.  3/18/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Since Lenoir-Rhyne is a Lutheran university Bishop Timothy Marcus Smith did not want anyone to get the impression Lutherans endorsed Donald Trump.  3/16/2016

Article  by Sam Levin:  The Burns standoff was no little protest. It was an act of domestic terrorism. These militia crusaders terrorized a town brandishing weapons and threatening violence.  3/15/2016

Article  by Joe Iosbaker:  Read this to see how Chicago students successfully organized a protest against Trump hate and shut down his campaign. It wasn't Bernie Sanders. It was students at the University of Illinois at Chicago  3/14/2016

Article  by Thomas Frank:  Much of capitalism, or 'neoliberalism,' has truly failed working folks and doing severe damage to the country as a whole. Trump opposes free trade, and bad wars. Liberals can learn something here.  3/10/2016

Article  by Nika Knight:  A coalition of social justice groups in Scotland looks at the economic and ecological dangers of corporate mega banks and mounts an argument for democratic reform.  3/10/2016

Article  by Richard W. Gillett:  Nuremberg, a historic medieval city, was widely known in the 1930s as the most pro-Nazi city in Germany. Visiting there recently the author was reminded of the Republican presidential candidate.  3/7/2016

Article  by George Lakoff:  Here is help understanding why Trump is winning despite some strange views among white evangelicals, free market conservatives, and pragmatic libertarians and the role of political incorrectness.  3/3/2016

Article  by Randall Balmer:  Reporters should know, if racism is America's original sin, politically conservative evangelicals, neglecting the best of their tradition, have been loath in recent years to seek redemption.  3/3/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Congressman Walden should apologize to the FBI, the State Police, and the Harney County Sheriff for increasing the dangers of the illegal Malheur Refuge occupation. Media placates conservatives.  2/16/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  This page is set up to follow the illegal actions of Ammon Bundy and associates near Burns, Oregon in January, 2016. The FBI and law enforcement have finally acted against these criminal acts.  2/16/2016

Article  by Ernie Suggs:  When white men are acting big and tough parading around town with guns and threatening people it might be good to remember real non-violence and how it changed America.  2/11/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  The religious right in this country has ceased to be Christian. It is a Southern-oriented, commercialized, nationalized, politicized, racist religion worshiping false gods. It endangers democracy.  2/11/2016

Article  by Dayanita Ramesh:  With his big win in New Hampshire, Trump has 'altered the media ecosystem going forward.' Fox no longer is in the driver's seat of Republican politics.  2/11/2016

Article  by Sandra Schneiders:  Perhaps the most significant, original, and fertile mind at work on philosophical, linguistic, literary, psychological, psychoanalytical, inter-religious, and aesthetic questions was Paul Ricoeur.  2/9/2016

Article  by Mary Lou Finley:  In September 1965 a dozen or so members of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s southern field staff moved into the West Side Christian Parish’s Project House in the heart of Chicago’s Near West Side.  2/8/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  The libertarian editors of Portland's largest paper have published a poorly written puff piece about Lavoy Finicum who helped lead the Malheur Refuge take-over. Carli Brosseau should be embarrassed.  2/7/2016

Article  by Jason Wilson:  Cowboy fantasies don't explain why a man would choose to act in ways leading to his death at the hands of police in an Oregon forest. Read here about Cleon Skousen and the John Birch Society.  2/7/2016

Article  by Ann Jones:  The violent, anxious, quarrelsome people living in the United States should vote for leaders who use Norway as an example of the good society. Religious hostility in this country is ridiculous.  2/5/2016

Article  by Robin Lovin:  A discussion with and about Luke Bretherton and his new book on 'Resurrecting Democracy'. How one conceives of God makes a big difference in how one views community and the possibility of politics.  2/3/2016

Article  by Nancy Langston:  Anti-government zealots claim environmentalists hurt ranchers, but ranchers have hugely benefited from the great work done around Burns, Oregon.  2/3/2016

Article  by Ben Goldfarb:  Invasive carp may recolonize areas they were once eradicated from. Scientists like Linda Beck help the Burns, Oregon area, create better conditions for employment and wildlife.  2/3/2016

Article  by Fareed Zakaria:  Republican politicians promised for decades what they could never deliver. People question the welfare state in theory, but in practice they like it, and can't live without it.  2/3/2016

Article  Listening to Bernie Sanders at Liberty University, this pastor sees him repeating what the bible says about the rich and the powerful and the poor and vulnerable. Jesus says nothing on abortion, gays.  2/2/2016

Above are items added in the last 90 days. For all items published here see each section.

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