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by Ed Knudson

1) Oregonian Reporter Glorifies a Domestic Terrorist
2) Flint, Michigan: Death Camp City
3) Privatization of Public Land is a Bad Idea
4) Peace Lutheran in Burns, Oregon, Requests Prayers
5) How the Iraq War Created ISIS: Crucial Information for Understanding Terrorism
6) Leading Republican Candidate Donald Trump: How Stupid are the People of Iowa?

Article  by Ann Jones:  The violent, anxious, quarrelsome people living in the United States should vote for leaders who use Norway as an example of the good society. Religious hostility in this country is ridiculous.  2/5/2016

Article  by Robin Lovin:  A discussion with and about Luke Bretherton and his new book on 'Resurrecting Democracy'. How one conceives of God makes a big difference in how one views community and the possibility of politics.  2/3/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  This page is set up to follow the illegal actions of Ammon Bundy and associates near Burns, Oregon in January, 2016. The FBI and law enforcement have finally acted against these criminal acts.  2/3/2016

Article  by Nancy Langston:  Anti-government zealots claim environmentalists hurt ranchers, but ranchers have hugely benefited from the great work done around Burns, Oregon.  2/3/2016

Article  by Ben Goldfarb:  Invasive carp may recolonize areas they were once eradicated from. Scientists like Linda Beck help the Burns, Oregon area, create better conditions for employment and wildlife.  2/3/2016

Article  by Fareed Zakaria:  Republican politicians promised for decades what they could never deliver. People question the welfare state in theory, but in practice they like it, and can't live without it.  2/3/2016

Article  Listening to Bernie Sanders at Liberty University, this pastor sees him repeating what the bible says about the rich and the powerful and the poor and vulnerable. Jesus says nothing on abortion, gays.  2/2/2016

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Only about 36 million are now members of mainline Protestant churches. Right wing religion and business has been trying to kill these churches. Mostly, they seem to be killing themselves.  2/1/2016

Article  by Travis Gettys:  Extremist gun rights advocates are claiming the FBI in Oregon shot a man with his hands up. Not so. The Bundys and others in Burns were illegally occupying federal property, terrorizing a rural town.  1/29/2016

Article  by Cathleen Kaveny:  The founder of First Things, Richard John Neuhaus, had a seriously distorted view of religious realities and commitments. Here is a very grounded, persuasive statement of progressive Catholic faith.  1/29/2016

Article  by Aaron Bady:  For centuries, the federal government has bailed out cattle ranchers in Oregon and other Western states. It requires a lot of magical thinking—and historical erasure—to see 'tyranny' in Harney County.  1/26/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Listen to Ammon Bundy explain how 'the Lord' led him to go to Oregon to protest the arrest of two ranchers. But he is not relying on faith, but on guns and the threat of violence.  1/24/2016

Article  by John Lundin:  Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz are both congressmen from Utah and both are Mormon. They want public land transfers away from federal control to private interests. What are the religious implications?  1/22/2016

Article  by Travis Gettys:  Glenn Beck favorite, W. Cleon Skousen, promotes idea of U.S. as a Christian theocracy, accepted by many unthinking believers in the religious right and Republican leaders.  1/22/2016

Article  by Arun Gupta:  The Hammond ranch in Oregon was damaging the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, an incredible crown jewel habitat for hundreds of migratory birds. Hear voice of Fish and Wildlife employees here.  1/21/2016

Article  by Chase Thomas:  The Bundy brothers and their associates carry guns and brag they will die for their cause. Their actions, actually, are childish, and costing lots of money & anguish for Oregon. Here's a better way.  1/20/2016

Article  by Ryan Koronowski:  Ursula K. Le Guin lives in Oregon and was upset by the slanted news coverage of the largest paper in Portland of the armed take-over of wildlife refuge near Burns.  1/20/2016

Article  by Benjamin E. Park:  The name 'Ammon' in the Book of Mormon is associated with violent bravery as if to justify armed illegal occupation of government property in Oregon. It's more complicated than that.  1/20/2016

Article  by John Sepulvado:  Anti-government extremism runs very deep in the Bundy family who believe the U.S. constitution is divinely inspired same as the bible. Captain Moroni is an anti-federalist hero.  1/20/2016

Article  by Alan Ehrenhalt:  Americans have not become more conservative over the last years. Big money has systematically destroyed democracy. A book by Jane Mayer.  1/19/2016

Article  by Peter Dreier:  In 1964, accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, King observed that the United States could learn much from Scandinavian 'democratic socialism.' Learn more about Bernie Sanders here.  1/18/2016

Article  by Molly Ball:  The Democratic Party has too often turned against its primary supporters. A new political organization is needed to keep it on track for equality and justice for all.  1/15/2016

Article  by Jürgen Moltmann:  'We must open ourselves up to the surprises of the future,' says Moltmann, proposing a new earth theology. Hear a great lecture right here by one of the great theologians still living.  1/14/2016

Article  by David Dayen:  Only the wealthy have the ability to obtain the kinds of loans Cruz got from New York banks, putting powerful government posts like the Senate that much further out of reach for ordinary people.  1/14/2016

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Anti-Muslim rhetoric of demogagues like Trump and Cruz is being promoted leading to a protofascist nightmare. A Kierkegaardian critique of the media here, with helpful analysis by Hamza Yusuf.  12/21/2015

Article  by Paul Rosenberg:  Nixon's Silent Majority, neither silent nor a majority, runs Congress and propels Trump. How did this happen? And why do both Democrats and Republicans put up with it?  12/11/2015

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Hysterical anti-abortion rhetoric by pastors of the religious right is responsible for the deaths in Colorado at Planned Parenthood. Irresponsible preaching must stop.  12/10/2015

Article  by Larry Rubin:  Economic injustice, not Muslim faith, is the primary cause of instability and terrorism in the Middle East according to economist Thomas Piketty.  12/10/2015

Article  by Lilly Martin:  To understand Tashfeen Malik, and why a young woman would abandon her infant child, you must understand Saudi Arabia and the upbringing she had there, institutionalized Radical Islam.  12/10/2015

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Violent talk by hostile politicians gives permission to engage in violent acts. Here is some history.  12/6/2015

Article  by Steven Rosenfeld:  For years, other police tried, and failed, to oust the racist cops in Dothan, Alabama, who planted drugs and weapons on black young people.  12/2/2015

Article  by Thomas Nail:  Current debates over refugees and migrants can be better understood by a new political theory on 'the migrant'. Early Christians were themselves migrants. The bible is full of migrants, Mary, Joseph.  12/2/2015

Article  by Olav Fykse Tveit:  The General Secretary of the World Council of Churches is in Paris for COP 21 and sees a 'green shift' is possible now more than ever.  11/30/2015

Article  Dr. Pero was the first African-American professor at a US Lutheran seminary, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  11/20/2015

Article  by McKay Coppins:  Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, criticized the 'dangerous' anti-refugee sentiment of Republican candidates.  11/20/2015

Article  by Jack Jenkins:  Since some white supremacists view Christianity as a feminized, weak, self-destructive theology created by Jews and forced on white people, they are turning to Odinism.  11/14/2015

Article  by Margaret Sturtevant:  Church youth groups can support this justice movement led by young people. Over one thousand young people demonstrated in Washington D.C. on November 9, 2015.  11/13/2015

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