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1) Trump is Not a Normal Politician and Was Not Elected Fair and Square
2) Trump is Using Immigrants as a Political Scapegoat: Very Bad
3) To Dominate Politics, Business Needs Religious Extremism
4) No Vision or Leadership from National Council of Churches
5) Post-Factual Politics
6) Trump May Want a Terrorist Attack
7) For the Right Wing: Only Christians Deserve Religious Freedom
8) Where Are the Reverends in Justice Movements?
9) Trump is Centralizing Power: Resist Fascism
10) Cry for Our Country: Spontaneous Demonstrations across America
11) Truth in the Trump Era
12) "We Will Not Go Away, Welcome to Your First Day"
13) Violence, Racism, Authoritarianism Characterize Trump's Inaugural Speech
14) First Things Doesn't Like that Trump Surrounds Himself with Prosperity Gospelers, Snake Oil Salesmen
15) Newt Gingrich Gets Trump Wrong: Why Southerners Hate the Federal Government
16) From Peace on Earth to an Election Based on Violence
17) Bill O'Reilly Admits the Truth: For Republicans Elections are All about Race
18) No Mandate for Trump, Says Jeff Merkley
19) 2010 Prediction: White People with Self-destructive Fantasies will Elect a Figure Like Trump
20) Gore Vidal on Ayn Rand: God is "I"
21) Russian Atheistic Ideas Now Dominate the American Political System
22) Trump Over Performed the Most in Counties with the Highest Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Mortality Rates
23) Back to the Catacombs for the Real Church

Article  by Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr.:  Stamding Rock may be a case of the church perpetuating injustices rather than engaging in solidarity with victims of injustice. Be careful church.  2/23/2017

Article  by Nelson Lichtenstein:  Donald Trump's attack on immigrants is going to re-energize and solidify the immigrant community and their supporters like nothing before. Protestants need to help in every way they can.  2/23/2017

Article  by Timothy Snyder:  Donald J. Trump is not just another Republican president. He is not normal. He is a danger to the Republic. 'I think things have tightened up very fast, we have at most a year to defend the Republic.'  2/13/2017

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Trump was possible because democratic institutions have already failed us, been eviscerated by corporate power. This time, people, we must do it ourselves.  2/13/2017

Article  by Paula Chertok:  Beginning as a student protest in a public square (Maidan), a people's Revolution of Dignity changed Ukraine in 93 days, culminating in the ousting of Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych.  2/10/2017

Article  by Bill Moyers:  CNN is not a network liked by Donald Trump. He is always complaining about it. But it, with the others, let him lie at will, along with Kellyanne Conway and others.  2/9/2017

Article  by Stanley Hauerwas:  One of the nation's most important Christian ethicists makes it perfectly clear that Trump has definite religious beliefs, but they are not Christian. Read this today. Beliefs have consequences.  2/4/2017

Article  by Jerome Burce:  Pastors: Here is an excellent introduction to a very practical public theology, written by a pastor for pastors of the Crossings community. He addresses Stanley Hauerwas and David Brooks.  2/4/2017

Article  by Munib A. Younan:  The Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land sends Trump a letter. Jesus himself was a refugee.  2/2/2017

Article  Statement Issued by the Board of Directors of the International Bonhoeffer Society – English Language Section. Christians fulfill their faith as Christians only when we live for others.  2/2/2017

Article  by Ed Knudson:  The Democratic Party is debating identity politics versus economic justice. Here are some thoughts based on a story my father told about prejudice and living as a minority.  2/2/2017

Article  by Nancy Fraser:  What we face, with Trump, is an interregnum, an open and unstable situation in which hearts and minds are up for grabs. In this situation, there is not only danger but also opportunity.  1/30/2017

Article  by Chris Hedges:  The Christian right’s magical thinking will merge seamlessly with Trump’s magical thinking. Idiocy, self-delusion, megalomania, fantasy and government repression will come wrapped in Christian images.  1/30/2017

Article  by Steven Rosenfeld:  The executive orders against immigrants include setting up concentration camps and using local police to round people up. Trump is creating public disorder and social strife and must be stopped.  1/30/2017

Article  by David Cay Johnston:  Millions of voters believe putting Donald Trump in the White House will lift them out of the economic hell they have endured for decades. They could not be more wrong.  1/28/2017

Article  This new organizing effort is really taking off. It's a movement that focuses specifically on your congressional district and representative. Resistance can work.  1/28/2017

Article  by Howard Machtinger:  The roots of Trumpism lie in part in deep-seated feelings of resentment and victimization that will not easily be uprooted or challenged. America was 'great' before Vietnam.  1/24/2017

Article  by Pope Francis:  'Hitler didn't steal power, his people voted for him, and then he destroyed his people. That is the risk. In times of crisis we lack judgment, and that is a constant reference for me.' Money is a god.  1/24/2017

Article  by Chris Hedges:  The campaign for corporate dominance of society, laid out by Lewis Powell in 1971, is now complete. Trump embodies the moral rot of unfettered capitalism.  1/23/2017

Article  by Jeet Heer:  Mass Protest along the Presidential Inaugural Route was a powerful rejection of the Trump Agenda. His speech declared war against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  1/21/2017

Article  by Kojo Koram:  The line was becoming clear. Marx and Hegel had paved the way for the progressives, who in turn paved the way for the Frankfurt School, who had then attacked the American way of life, said Breitbart.  1/19/2017

Article  by Laura Tanenbaum:  A wave of disruptive protest fifty years ago helped put women’s liberation on the map--and showcased a radical feminist vision of that remains relevant in the age of Trump.  1/19/2017

Article  by Jack Jenkins:  Pastors and congregations of historic Protestantism must now view themselves as a major support system for resistance movements against an illegitimate presidency.  1/18/2017

Article  by Roger Smith:  Americans are much, much more liberal than the corporate media thinks. The American political system is not delivering the kind of politicians the people really want.  1/16/2017

Article  by Tom Gjelten:  Prosperity gospel heretics have been chosen by Trump to participate in inaugural events. Historic Protestants must turn against Trump for sake of both country and church.  1/13/2017

Article  by Sam Gindin:  Pastors should not allow business leaders to determine congregational priorities. Books by Jane McAlevey help understand 'deep organizing' in the time of Trump.  1/9/2017

Article  by Juan Cole:  Fascism gets tossed around lightly as an insult on the internet. This is the real thing, folks. We are Italy, 31 October, 1922. Bad things are about to happen. The press won't cover it.  1/9/2017

Article  by Achille Mbembe:  Inequalities will keep growing worldwide. Social conflicts will increasingly take the form of racism, ultra nationalism, sexism, ethnic and religious rivalries, xenophobia, homophobia, deadly passions  1/3/2017

Article  by Crawford Kilian:  What comes after capitalism in its final crisis, now under way, is a prolonged period of social entropy or disorder without public institutions capable of solving problems says Wolfgang Streeck.  1/2/2017

Article  by Kate Shea Baird:  The election of Trump has not occurred in a vacuum. Across the West, we are witnessing a wholesale breakdown of the existing political order; the neoliberal project is broken, Organize the city.  1/2/2017

Article  by Gene B. Sperling:  Tom Price is Trump’s choice for secretary of health and human services. He wants to deeply cut Medicaid and other health care for the poor, seniors, disabled, and others. Happy New Year!  12/31/2016

Article  by Neil J. Young:  The public witness of historic, orthodox Christianity is being destroyed by so-called 'conservative evangelicals'. 81% voted for Trump, a racist, sexual pervert.  12/30/2016

Article  by Walden Bello:  The Obama administration failed to break up the big banks, provided no relief for hard-up homeowners, and offered struggling workers more ill-advised trade deals. No surprise the Rust Belt rebelled.  12/29/2016

Article  by Jason Easley:  Nearly 40% of white voters without a college degree switched from Obama to Trump based on campaign promises that are the opposite of the Republican agenda. They cannot lie their way out of this.  12/27/2016

Article  by Luke Bretherton:  The election of Trump is a wake-up call to remember what those who are black, brown, queer, disabled or a religious minority can only forget at their peril. That oppression is likely to get worse.  12/26/2016

Article  by Jon Pahl:  The Turkish government blames the recent failed military coup on a Sufi mystic living in Pennsylvania. A Lutheran professor of Christian history tells the truth about this Muslim imam.  12/24/2016

Article  by Tobin Miller Shearer:  What do you do when a conservative group with white supremacy connections paints a target on your back? And meets with Trump officials? A professor at the University of Montana speaks out.  12/24/2016

Article  by Jan-Werner Mueller:  Like few others on the continent, Merkel seems to understand this is a decisive moment not just for Germany, and for the EU, also for Christian Democracy, one of Europe’s leading governing ideologies.  12/24/2016

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos exhibits the Trump model by his attack on a transgender student in a campus speech. The media loves it, repeats it, and Trump is elected by it. Obnoxious & hateful  12/23/2016

Article  by Steven Rosenfeld:  Named after the rebellious province of Hunger Games, young people are establishing a base in D.C. to oppose the illegitimate Trump administration. Church youth groups should support this effort.  12/23/2016

Article  by Tom Heneghan:  Religion helps fill the ideological vacuum left by failure of Marxism. Putin: 'The revival of church unity today is a crucial condition for the revival of the lost unity of the whole Russian world'  12/21/2016

Article  by Robert Kuttner:  The perils of Trump should not be minimized. In a market economy, democracy is the only counterweight the people have to keep elites from making off with too much of the pie. Don't despair, organize.  12/20/2016

Article  by Brian Bienkowski:   Pacific Northwest tribes are fighting crowds, pavement and pollution to protect the centerpiece of their culture: fabled salmon runs. Oil pipelines threaten these waters, like at Standing Rock.  12/16/2016

Article  by Kieran Suckling:  Rex Tillerson represents an existential threat to the earth. Trump cynically won votes with anti-Wall Street rhetoric, is now assembling the wealthiest, most corporate-dominated cabinet in history.  12/14/2016

Article  by Neal Gabler:  The GOP has been the party of cruelty for decades. In Trump, it's found its champion. A false political philosophy now seriously threatens both justice and the social order.  12/14/2016

Article  by Adam Weiner:  Donald Trump and many of his cabinet appointees admire the thinking of Ayn Rand who rejected the ideas of public service, serving the common good, or charity. Here is her Russian background  12/13/2016

Article  by Randall Balmer:  They’ll tell you it was abortion. Sorry, the historical record’s clear: It was segregation. White southern Baptists and Pentacostals have a racist origin. Now we have Trump.  12/9/2016

Article  by Janet Allon:  Scott Pruitt, a harsh foe of pollution regulation, has been chosen to head the Environmental Protection Agency in the Trump administration. People now will know who to blame for dirty air, water.  12/9/2016

Article  by Mark Engler:  Lessons from the George W. Bush years show how public attitudes toward the Iraq war changed substantially among Democrats. Now the Democratic Party must change big time.  12/9/2016

Article  Both racial animus and economic grievances played a role in the Trump coalition. Very big social breakdown coming. Wife abuse, hostile violence, suicides. New political organizing opportunities.  12/8/2016

Article  by Rick Perlstein:  Bad journalism may lead to the fall of this civilization. Email fixation. Steve Bannon expects new, bigger war as part of the current crisis, and does not seem at all fazed by the prospect.  12/6/2016

Article  by Jake Johnson:  Democrats lost because the Clintons and others abandoned the working class. Now 'bourgeois society stands at the crossroads, either transition to socialism or regression into barbarism.' Organize now.  12/3/2016

Article  by Stephen R. Haynes:  The election of Donald Trump has raised questions whether or not this may be a moment when serious Christian opposition and resistance to the state is necessary for faithful witness.  11/30/2016

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