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1) Leading Republican Candidate Donald Trump: How Stupid are the People of Iowa?
2) CNN Repeats Stupid Claim by Pew Research that Religious 'Nones' Dominate Democratic Party
3) First Things has become Relevant to Only One Region of the Country: the South
4) Tell Ben Carson to Give Up His Presidential Campaign
5) Corporate-Funded Think Tanks have Created an Angry, Destructive Politics
6) Protestants Need a Pope
7) R.R. Reno at First Things is Disappointed by Pope Francis

Article  Dr. Pero was the first African-American professor at a US Lutheran seminary, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  11/20/2015

Article  by McKay Coppins:  Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, criticized the 'dangerous' anti-refugee sentiment of Republican candidates.  11/20/2015

Article  by Jack Jenkins:  Since some white supremacists view Christianity as a feminized, weak, self-destructive theology created by Jews and forced on white people, they are turning to Odinism.  11/14/2015

Article  by Margaret Sturtevant:  Church youth groups can support this justice movement led by young people. Over one thousand young people demonstrated in Washington D.C. on November 9, 2015.  11/13/2015

Article  by Cynthia Haven:  A member of the prestigious Académie Française, Girard reflected on how Individuals and societies offload blame and culpability onto an outsider, a scapegoat.  11/7/2015

Article  by Marianne Ejdersten:  At the Global Christian Forum in Tirana, Albania 150 high level leaders of various church traditions from more than 60 countries gathered in solidarity concerning the migrant crisis.  11/6/2015

Article  by Carl Raschke:  German chancellor Angela Merkel, daughter of a Lutheran pastor, rolled out the welcome wagon in Germany for Syrians. But very big issues face Europe and the West over the Middle East.  11/3/2015

Article  by Paul Starr:  Drugs, alcohol, and suicide are killing off uneducated white Americans at an alarming rate a new study finds. Many may be angry over lack of political power and hostile to those with more education.  11/2/2015

Article  by Franklin Sherman:  The major figures in 20th century theology were socialists, Tillich, Barth, Niebuhr. Here is a very helpful article for pastors and others thinking about politics today.  10/30/2015

Article  by Van Gosse:  Socialism is not the evil some Republicans believe it is. In fact, its been a big movement in the past. But the wealthy are really, really afraid of it and corporate media degrade it.  10/30/2015

Article  by David Corn:  Carson has embraced the dark, paranoid, and crazy worldview of far-right pseudohistorian, Cleon Skousen, a John Birch Society advocate, loved by Glenn Beck. It is Billy Graham anti-communism gone wild  10/27/2015

Article  by Douglas Morgan:  Thoughtful Christians, both evangelicals and mainlines, need to be seriously concerned about the false ideas of Christian faith espoused by Carson.  10/27/2015

Article  by Sarah Posner:  A central tenet of Adventism, a literal apocalypse, is not important to Carson. Neither is pacifism and religious liberty. What are his real beliefs?  10/27/2015

Article  by Peter Dreier:  The lazy mainstream media give him a pass and let Ryan get by with saying stuff about government programs that is really wrong. He in no way measures up to his reputation.  10/24/2015

Article  by James Nevius:  Instead of Columbus Day Seattle and Minneapolis celebrate 'Indigenous Peoples Day' in October. Origin stories are important for political philosophy.  10/12/2015

Article  by Hillary Clinton:  This democratic candidate shares her Methodist faith concerning stewardship of creation, sees the earth as our 'common home' in the words of Pope Francis.  9/25/2015

Article  by Pope Francis:  No religious figure has so strongly influenced the public moral sphere recently in this country as Pope Francis in this major address to congress. Read the text here.  9/24/2015

Article  by Ed Knudson:  The mainline denominations need to now understand themselves as 'New Protestants' over against a reactionary Southern form of Christianity or the 'religious right'. We have a new important mission.  9/23/2015

Article  by Dave Zirin:  Green Bay beat the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday leading Aaron Rodgers to comment on last year's claim of Russell Wilson that a higher power was on his side.  9/22/2015

Article  by Chris Hedges:  The new leader of Britain's Labour Party represents the kind of substantive policy direction needed in the U.S., against militarism and for economic justice, support for the arts, public institutions.  9/14/2015

Article  by Lauren McCauley:  I came here today because I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is vitally important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse.  9/14/2015

Article  The National Council of Churches echoes and endorses the call of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service for the US Government to open its borders to 100,000 Syrian refugees this coming fiscal year.  9/14/2015

Article  by Mark Stoll:  Personal political philosophy should be based on actual history. The civil war has not ended. The Obama presidency proves how strong racism remains. The South has never given up and remains powerful.  9/12/2015

Article  by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig:  Here is a thoughtful interpretation of how the religious right has come to be and its association with racial exclusion.  9/10/2015

Article  by Evan Osnos:  Fifty-six percent of the Tea Party support him, along with white nationalists, far-right extremists, and frustrated workers. Trump is leading a hostile take-over of the Republican Party.  9/7/2015

Article  Just when we need really new good ideas for the American economy, the Republican Party is going whacko, losing its grip on any reality except anger and hostility. Consider these proposals.  9/7/2015

Article  by Robert B. Reich:  Moral breakdown in America is not caused by people on welfare but by the most powerful business leaders today. That's why politics is so polarized and broken. A big new movement is necessary.  9/7/2015

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Hitler used intense ethnic hatred and appealed to Germanic superiority through violence. Trump is using intense and explicit racism to emotionally manipulate voters. Image by George Hall.  9/3/2015

Article  by Annysa Johnson:  In the Republican campaign Donald Trump is not the only candidate using hateful terminology for whole ethnic groups. Politics based on race and religious hatred should be rejected.  9/2/2015

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