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by Ed Knudson

1) Historic Day: Gay Marriage Affirmed by Supreme Court in All 50 States
2) Gun Manufacturers Cannot Be Christian says Pope Francis
3) Pope Francis Teaches Us about Climate Change and the Moral Imperative to Act
4) Cornel West Wows a Conservative University Audience
5) Police Violence in Baltimore
6) Bonhoeffer's Vision: An Outcast Church on the Margins of Society
7) The Debate Over Cornel West

Article  by Dana Greene:  A review of a book by Philip Sheldrake of the Institute for the Study of Contemporary Spirituality accenting a place for relationship and community, sacredness, and reconciliation.  6/24/2015

Article  by Matthew Fox:  The great work of Pope Francis concerning eco-theology is being marred by his consideration of the canonization of Father Junipero Serra (1713-1784), enraging Native Americans and many others.  6/20/2015

Article  The Pope thanks all people working to protect the earth, our common home. Here the ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton responds.  6/18/2015

Article  by Karen L. Bloomquist:  Three distinct theological accents are needed to address the idolatry of 'winning' at all costs in politics. Voters want more clear and helpful policy discussion.  6/16/2015

Article  by Stanley Hauerwas:  One of the foremost thinkers in theological ethics shares the story of his life with us, and it is very interesting.  6/16/2015

Article  by Daniel Barnes:  We live in a non-real, simulated, spectacle society says Jean Baudrillard in his book The Divine Left. Politicians are performers calculating effects, not telling truth. Political ethics?  6/16/2015

Article  by Olav Fykse Tveit:  At the German Kirchentag the leader of the WCC reminds us of simple truths of life and soil. He reflects on the meaning of his name concerning his grandfather's farm in Hardanger, Norway.  6/5/2015

Article  by Eric de Place:  People living in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, have a chance now to stop coal and oil trains from contributing to massive increase of fossil fuel pollution.Read this and then do what you can!  6/4/2015

Article  by E.J. Dionne Jr.:  Those working for justice need to engage seriously with the religious traditions of the people they propose to liberate, Michael Walzer suggests.  6/4/2015

Article  by Robert Scheer:  Chris Hedges interviews Scheer on his new book revealing opposing views on American history and the use of violence for political gain.  6/3/2015

Article  by Atreyee Sen:  Unlike the undivided, patriarchal God of Judeo-Christian traditions, Hinduism has a plurality of goddesses which contribute to diversity in prayer and ritualistic performances.  5/29/2015

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Neither political party now represents the people. Both are the means used by wealthy elite to control the people.  5/11/2015

Article  by Peter Dreier:  Bernie Sanders is one of many affirming socialism, Paul Tillich, Karl Barth, Jane Addams, John Dewey, Helen Keller, W.E.B. DuBois, Albert Einstein, Walter Reuther, Martin Luther King.  5/7/2015

Article  Agricultural subsistence models may hold the greatest promise for the thriving of contemporary communities according to a new book by Roland Boer. Here are endorsements from Horsely, Bruggeman, others  5/6/2015

Article  by Robert B. Reich:  Corporate profits are way up; workers' wages are way down. The reason is politics, not economics. Corporate leaders have the power now to set the rules in their favor. This must change.  5/2/2015

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Older black leaders have clearly failed black America. Just look at conditions of black communities in American cities. Young black militants are a sign of hope for justice.  4/29/2015

Article  by Joel Joseph:  Don't provide jobs or schools, but send in plenty of police to harass poor black people in the cities. Jobs were taken from Baltimore and sent overseas.  4/29/2015

Article  by Barbara Brown Taylor:  So yes, I think there is an appropriate place for Christian asceticism today—especially because we live in a culture of excess. We can live on less in order to live more richly  4/24/2015

Article  by Paul Rosenberg:  Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Sam Brownback rank at the bottom in job creation in their states. Reporters need to look at actual facts. GOP policies do not work; in fact they hurt people  4/24/2015

Article  by Keith Clements:  In 2012 at Sigtuna, Sweden, a conference on 'the political' in the theology of Bonhoeffer was held. Here is a report. Bonhoeffer helped an effort to overthrow Hitler.  4/23/2015

Article  by Stephen Zunes:  The U.S has been supporting the Saudi dictatorship efforts in Yemen rather than a pro-democracy movement there, helping to create the current crisis.  4/23/2015

Article  by Ed Knudson:  An international congress on Bonhoeffer's political thought at Sigtuna, Sweden, reminds us how he spoke from the perspective of the crucified.  4/23/2015

Article  by Chris Kromm:  Within days of passing a bill allowing discrimination against gays, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, is forced to change it. Anti-gay attitudes are declining along with the white religious right. Good  4/21/2015

Article  by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig:  Two new books by Nicole Aschoff and Kevin Kruse are discussed. The books demonstrate new ways to tell the history of Capitalism and its ending. Pope Francis may be a key figure in this.  4/21/2015

Article  by Nicole Aschoff:  Labeling the market natural and the state unnatural is a convenient fiction for those wedded to the status quo. Private firms serve capitalism not democracy or a sustainable environment.  4/21/2015

Article  by Kevin M. Kruse:  A new book shatters common ideas about this country as being 'Christian'. No, the corporate public religion in America has little to do with historic, orthodox Christianity. Billy Graham is a fraud.  4/20/2015

Article  by Eduardo Galeano:  Today on the day author Eduardo Galeano has died it is good to read this essay on the destruction of our natural world by war and corporate power.  4/13/2015

Article  by Chris Hedges:  In baptism, the Apostle Paul says, we die with Christ. This means we are in solidarity with all those crucified by dominating power, such as victims of the prison-industrial complex.  4/8/2015

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