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by Ed Knudson

1) Cornel West Wows a Conservative University Audience
2) Police Violence in Baltimore
3) Bonhoeffer's Vision: An Outcast Church on the Margins of Society
4) The Debate Over Cornel West
5) Nebraska Doesn't Believe in the Free Market for Its Electricity
6) The New Political Mission of the Historic Protestant Church
7) When Fascism Comes to America; What Love of Country Really Means
8) Senators Marco Rubio and Joni Ernst Don't Know the Difference between Sunni and Shia Islam

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Neither political party now represents the people. Both are the means used by wealthy elite to control the people.  5/11/2015

Article  by Peter Dreier:  Bernie Sanders is one of many affirming socialism, Paul Tillich, Karl Barth, Jane Addams, John Dewey, Helen Keller, W.E.B. DuBois, Albert Einstein, Walter Reuther, Martin Luther King.  5/7/2015

Article  Agricultural subsistence models may hold the greatest promise for the thriving of contemporary communities according to a new book by Roland Boer. Here are endorsements from Horsely, Bruggeman, others  5/6/2015

Article  by Robert B. Reich:  Corporate profits are way up; workers' wages are way down. The reason is politics, not economics. Corporate leaders have the power now to set the rules in their favor. This must change.  5/2/2015

Article  by Chris Hedges:  Older black leaders have clearly failed black America. Just look at conditions of black communities in American cities. Young black militants are a sign of hope for justice.  4/29/2015

Article  by Joel Joseph:  Don't provide jobs or schools, but send in plenty of police to harass poor black people in the cities. Jobs were taken from Baltimore and sent overseas.  4/29/2015

Article  by Barbara Brown Taylor:  So yes, I think there is an appropriate place for Christian asceticism today—especially because we live in a culture of excess. We can live on less in order to live more richly  4/24/2015

Article  by Paul Rosenberg:  Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Sam Brownback rank at the bottom in job creation in their states. Reporters need to look at actual facts. GOP policies do not work; in fact they hurt people  4/24/2015

Article  by Keith Clements:  In 2012 at Sigtuna, Sweden, a conference on 'the political' in the theology of Bonhoeffer was held. Here is a report. Bonhoeffer helped an effort to overthrow Hitler.  4/23/2015

Article  by Stephen Zunes:  The U.S has been supporting the Saudi dictatorship efforts in Yemen rather than a pro-democracy movement there, helping to create the current crisis.  4/23/2015

Article  by Ed Knudson:  An international congress on Bonhoeffer's political thought at Sigtuna, Sweden, reminds us how he spoke from the perspective of the crucified.  4/23/2015

Article  by Chris Kromm:  Within days of passing a bill allowing discrimination against gays, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana, is forced to change it. Anti-gay attitudes are declining along with the white religious right. Good  4/21/2015

Article  by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig:  Two new books by Nicole Aschoff and Kevin Kruse are discussed. The books demonstrate new ways to tell the history of Capitalism and its ending. Pope Francis may be a key figure in this.  4/21/2015

Article  by Nicole Aschoff:  Labeling the market natural and the state unnatural is a convenient fiction for those wedded to the status quo. Private firms serve capitalism not democracy or a sustainable environment.  4/21/2015

Article  by Kevin M. Kruse:  A new book shatters common ideas about this country as being 'Christian'. No, the corporate public religion in America has little to do with historic, orthodox Christianity. Billy Graham is a fraud.  4/20/2015

Article  by Eduardo Galeano:  Today on the day author Eduardo Galeano has died it is good to read this essay on the destruction of our natural world by war and corporate power.  4/13/2015

Article  by Chris Hedges:  In baptism, the Apostle Paul says, we die with Christ. This means we are in solidarity with all those crucified by dominating power, such as victims of the prison-industrial complex.  4/8/2015

Article  by Sarah Wilson:  The 500th anniversary of the Reformation will be celebrated in 2017. It began in 1517 with the publication of Martin Luther's 'Ninety Five Theses'. Learn more about Luther in this project!!!  4/7/2015

Article  by Ellen Brown:  Theologian Dr. John Cobb's work on the collapse of nation states is here used to explain how the wealthy have taken over the power of government in this country.  4/7/2015

Article  by Brian Beutler:  April 9, 2015, is the 150th anniversary of the Union's victory in the Civil War. The North has compromised way too easily to the South on cultural terms ever since. This racism must stop.  4/6/2015

Article  by Sam Pizzigati:  Using hard data, political scientist Benjamin Page says the average citizen has no influence in government today. But the wealthy always get what they want. 'Pluralism' no longer describes politics.  4/6/2015

Article  by Chris Hedges:  The church can help working class and middle class Americans to come together around new leaders like Kshama Sawant and Gayle McLaughlin.  3/16/2015

Article  Forty-seven Republican senators were wrong on constitutional and treaty facts in their letter to Iran against peaceful negotiations of President Obama. Sign this open letter.  3/13/2015

Article  by Eric Margolis:  Military equipment producers and sellers, intelligence agencies and personnel, aggrieved white men afraid they are losing control to colored folk, all have reason to keep the public terrorized.  2/28/2015

Article  by Jonathan Steele:  A book by Richard Sakwa is reviewed exposing the hugely negative role of NATO and the role of intelligence agencies in keeping the Cold War going at all costs. Crucial reading for peace activists.  2/28/2015

Article  by Uri Avnery:  A famous Israeli peace activist speaks plainly about how much Netanyahu needs the Congressional podium for his election. John Boehner betrays the United States.  2/28/2015

Article  by Aldon D. Morris:  A new study of the origins of sociology in this country will be published this summer. Here is an introduction by the author with praise from other black scholars.  2/28/2015

Article  by Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig:  Mike Huckabee and other Republican candidates appealing to the religious right have a false view of both Christianity and the history of the nation.  2/27/2015

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