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by Ed Knudson

1) Traveling Luther's Life 500 Years Later
2) The Death of Tom Hayden

Article  by Olav Fykse Tveit:  The General Secretary of the World Council of Churches talks about celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  10/27/2016

Article  by Avishai Margalit & Assaf Sharon:  Responding to Michael Walzer's book, 'The Paradox of Liberation', these authors reject the idea that liberals should critically engage with religious revivalism.  10/24/2016

Article  by John Feffer:  Some white men think their world is ending with liberal achievements of equal rights for women, blacks, immigrants. They hate internationalism and multiculturalism. And they are now revolting.  10/13/2016

Article  by Alec MacGillis:  Waste people. Rubbish. Clay-eaters. Hillbillies. Two new books that reckon with the long, bleak history of the country’s white poor suggest their plight shouldn’t have caught the country off guard.  8/5/2016

Article  by Amy Goodman:  Dr. Jill Stein is another woman running for president. Read this very interesting debate between Chris Hedges and Robert Reich about whether to vote for Stein or Clinton.  8/4/2016

Article  by Harold Meyerson:  Lower income white males have lots of reasons to be angry these days, but they are wrong to blame their problems on poor people, blacks, or immigrants. Trump is manipulating their minds, like Limbaugh  8/4/2016

Article  by Tom Gjelten:  Hillory Clinton and Tim Kaine are driven by their faith in the 'Social Gospel', a Protestant inspired publlic theology articulated by Walter Rauschenbusch  8/4/2016

Article  by Elizabeth Anderson:  Republican leaders tend to think of social insurance as a socialist or communist scheme designed to undermine private property and free markets. Wrong. Here is a full conceptual analysis from history.  8/3/2016

Article  by William Barber:  North Carolina NAACP President and founder of the people protest 'Moral Monday', William Barber, speaks of justice and peace and mercy in a powerful way. Here is the transcript.  7/30/2016

Article  by Mark Joseph Stern:  Khizr Khan, a Muslim whose son, Capt. Humayun Khan, died in Iraq serving in the Army, said Donald J. Trump sacrificed nothing and no one.  7/30/2016

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