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by Ed Knudson

1) Coal Train Crisis Abates
2) Gay Marriage Ban Ending in England and Wales on Saturday
3) Obama Should Have Prosecuted the Bush Administration for War Crimes
4) A False Gospel: Corporate Christianity
5) Koch Brothers are Creating Their Own Political Party

Article  by Ed Knudson:  Extreme wealth concentration is now as bad as before the Great Depression. Why can't Americans get excited by this and do something politically? Read Paul Krugman...  3/28/2014

Article  by Robert Parry:  Like Iraq, the mass media is in lockstep in presenting a very false and simplistic story about Ukraine which can lead to huge diplomatic and military mistakes.  3/28/2014

Article  Events are beginning to happen in preparation for the 500 anniversary of the Reformation, Luther's 95 theses in 1517.  3/28/2014

Article  by Eli Clifton:  Owners David and Barbara Green use their vast wealth to influence a type of Christianity supportive of their corporate goals, against freedom and equality for all.  3/27/2014

Article  by Garrett FitzGerald:  Radical faith is committed to liberty, equality, and solidarity first and foremost. Institutional liberals put order first, are afraid of dramatic change. The radicals have generated the core ideas.  3/26/2014

Article  by Ian Millhiser:  It appears the Supreme Court will give corporations power to reject federal regulation based on claims of 'religious freedom.' This portends huge changes in the religious-ethical landscape.  3/26/2014

Article  by C.J. Werleman:  Right wing Christianity is damaging the witness and outreach of the true church. A false gospel is being preached.  3/26/2014

Article  by ZoltŠn Grossman:  An estimated 30 percent of the protesters in Kiev's Independence Square were far-right ultranationalists. And they are in the new government.  3/11/2014

Article  by Tom Engelhardt:  Despite blustery and bellicose talk from some old line neoconservatives, there seems to be something new under the sun. A lack of war.  3/4/2014

Article  by Chris Hedges:  In this significant piece, the author speaks of human resistance to a consumer culture based on corporate profit, limitless exploitation, and continued extraction of fossil fuels.  1/27/2014

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