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Not Much Planning in Houston  8/28/2017  (70)

Members of Trump's Religious Advisory Council Have Not Resigned  8/25/2017  (91)

Slavery, Original Sin, and Redemption: A Statement of Faith  8/21/2017  (68)

A Stampede of Charities has Canceled Planned Fundraising Events at Trumpís Mar-a-Lago Club  8/21/2017  (62)

Church Leaders in Charlottesville Prepared for White Supremacists  8/16/2017  (78)

White House Staffer Fired Over Memo on Cultural Marxism (or, Critical Social Theory)  8/15/2017  (87)

Trump is a Drama Queen: Weak and Sniveling; Whiny, Weepy, Self-Pitying. But Fox News Loves Him  8/11/2017  (110)

Southern Baptist Pastor Calls for Holy War against North Korea  8/9/2017  (95)

There Will Be No Wall, Says John Kelly  8/1/2017  (152)

The Misuse of Martin Luther on Predestination  7/28/2017  (132)

John McCain Gives Heroic Speech Denouncing Terrible Thing That He Just Voted For  7/26/2017  (110)

Disgusting: Trump Attacks American Institutions in Speech to Boy Scouts  7/25/2017  (120)

Philosopher Richard Rorty Predicted Election of a Racist Strongman for President  7/24/2017  (147)

Washington Post Publishes Lots of Libertarian Nonsense  7/23/2017  (143)

The Spontaneous Order of James Buchanan; No Government Necessary for This Libertarian  7/19/2017  (146)

Republicans Fail Entirely on Health Care; Trump Turns Against His Voters  7/18/2017  (138)

Trump Had Morality Hammered Out of Him by His Family History  7/14/2017  (172)

Trump, Like Others Who Follow the Russian Atheist, Ayn Rand, is in Serious Trouble  7/14/2017  (196)

Trump and the Russian Mafia  7/13/2017  (145)

Ted Cruz's Free Choice Means Death to Thousands; the Myth of Personal Responsibility  7/13/2017  (147)

Trump Didnít Win the Working Class. The Democrats Lost It  7/8/2017  (175)

NRA Thinks White Alienated Males are Feeling Sorry for Themselves  6/30/2017  (208)

Widespread Rebukes of Trump's Blood Tweets; Calls for Retraction  6/30/2017  (178)

Peter Berger Dies. Our Knowledge is Not Our Own  6/28/2017  (241)

Not All Lutherans are the Same. Supreme Court Favors One Type Only  6/27/2017  (209)

Obamacare is a Conservative Model of Healthcare and is Failing; Now It's Time for Single Payer  6/27/2017  (221)

It's Clear Now: Putin Wanted Trump, Not Clinton  6/24/2017  (223)

Politics is a Knife Fight with No Rules, Says Grover Norquist  6/23/2017  (206)

This Should Happen All Over:  Union Ironworker Has a Plan to Beat Paul Ryan  6/21/2017  (218)

Triangulation Has Been Terribly Hurtful to Democrats  6/20/2017  (237)

Kitzhaber Exonerated; Oregonian Debases Itself Again  6/16/2017  (260)

Trump is Too Ignorant to be President; Doesn't Even Know What Christians Believe  6/16/2017  (230)

Dissent: Organizing in Red America  6/16/2017  (216)

It's the Racists Who Want Guns  6/15/2017  (301)

It Can Happen Here  6/13/2017  (255)

Surprise Victory for Social Democracy in England  6/9/2017  (235)

Before and After the Pill  6/8/2017  (257)

Dear Trump Appointees: Quit Your Jobs or Lose Your Souls  6/6/2017  (267)

Americans, Hang Your Heads in Shame  6/1/2017  (292)

Montana Republican So Afraid of the Press that He Attacks Reporter  5/26/2017  (299)

James Comey: The Fall of a Niebuhrian  5/15/2017  (304)

Management by Terror: Stalin and Trump  5/10/2017  (343)

The Cynical Use of Abortion by Politicians  5/6/2017  (310)

NCC Urges Churches to Refrain From Intervening in Political Campaigns  5/4/2017  (315)

Where Your Tax Dollar Goes  4/18/2017  (362)

Talking It Through  4/15/2017  (350)

False Community Consciousness and Local Radio  4/1/2017  (383)

Politicians Can Use Nostalgia to Manipulate the Minds and Hearts of People  3/31/2017  (372)

Two Forms of Governance: Big Corporations Want to Snoop about Your Internet Behavior  3/27/2017  (340)

Obamacare is Not Imploding, Can Be Improved  3/24/2017  (345)

The Soul-Sucking, Attention-Eating Black Hole of the Trump Presidency  3/24/2017  (342)

An Avalanche of Absurdities: Chris Hedges on the Rise of Trump and American Fascism  3/21/2017  (332)

Of Course Obama Wiretapped Trump  3/21/2017  (356)

Trump Glorifies American Militarism with German Leader, Embarrassing Himself  3/18/2017  (317)

Most of Trump's Voters are Not Poor, but Regular Old Republicans  3/18/2017  (322)

Robert Mercer and Big Money Chose Trump to be President, not the People  3/17/2017  (398)

Stirring Up Muslim Hatred; The Need for a New Election  3/16/2017  (300)

Old Republican Tactic: Stoke Fear of Crime  3/13/2017  (399)

White People are Hurting Themselves  3/11/2017  (398)

Basic Civics Lesson for Libertarians  3/8/2017  (377)

Public Trust: Post-truth is Pre-fascim  3/8/2017  (454)

Martin Marty Center Publishes Column in Support of Disgraced White Nationalist, Milo Yiannopoulos  2/28/2017  (516)

Trump is Not a Normal Politician and Was Not Elected Fair and Square  2/21/2017  (780)

Trump is Using Immigrants as a Political Scapegoat: Very Bad  2/20/2017  (473)

To Dominate Politics, Business Needs Religious Extremism  2/13/2017  (467)

No Vision or Leadership from National Council of Churches  2/9/2017  (460)

Post-Factual Politics  2/8/2017  (472)

Trump May Want a Terrorist Attack  2/7/2017  (516)

For the Right Wing: Only Christians Deserve Religious Freedom  2/6/2017  (372)

Where Are the Reverends in Justice Movements?  2/3/2017  (493)

Trump is Centralizing Power: Resist Fascism  1/30/2017  (571)

Cry for Our Country: Spontaneous Demonstrations across America  1/28/2017  (495)

Truth in the Trump Era  1/23/2017  (488)

"We Will Not Go Away, Welcome to Your First Day"  1/21/2017  (538)

Violence, Racism, Authoritarianism Characterize Trump's Inaugural Speech  1/21/2017  (614)

First Things Doesn't Like that Trump Surrounds Himself with Prosperity Gospelers, Snake Oil Salesmen  1/17/2017  (554)

Newt Gingrich Gets Trump Wrong: Why Southerners Hate the Federal Government  12/27/2016  (540)

From Peace on Earth to an Election Based on Violence  12/23/2016  (535)

Bill O'Reilly Admits the Truth: For Republicans Elections are All about Race  12/23/2016  (605)

No Mandate for Trump, Says Jeff Merkley  12/22/2016  (593)

2010 Prediction: White People with Self-destructive Fantasies will Elect a Figure Like Trump  12/17/2016  (538)

Gore Vidal on Ayn Rand: God is "I"  12/14/2016  (548)

Russian Atheistic Ideas Now Dominate the American Political System  12/14/2016  (440)

Trump Over Performed the Most in Counties with the Highest Drug, Alcohol and Suicide Mortality Rates  12/9/2016  (442)

Back to the Catacombs for the Real Church  12/8/2016  (566)

A Prayer for Standing Rock  11/12/2016  (502)

Trump Will Be Impeached within a Year  11/11/2016  (589)

David Brooks on the Authoritarian Anti-Politics of Trump  11/10/2016  (525)

An Anti-Trump Resistance Movement Begins with Protesters in Streets Nationwide  11/10/2016  (512)

Hillary Lost Because of Her Husband's Economic Policies  11/9/2016  (619)

Evangelicals Elect a Racist Pervert as President  11/9/2016  (529)

Very Serious National Decline  11/9/2016  (540)

The Silly Controversy about Hillary's Emails  11/7/2016  (558)

Trump Offers to Rescue Lower Income White People in a Secular Rapture  11/2/2016  (509)

The Crisis of Conservative Intellectuals  11/1/2016  (569)

James Comey Should Resign or Be Fired  10/30/2016  (548)

Traveling Luther's Life 500 Years Later  10/24/2016  (557)

The Death of Tom Hayden  10/24/2016  (602)

False Superiority Syndrome: A Terrible Disease of the European White Mind  7/22/2016  (952)

Delusion: Ben Carson Thinks Saul Alinsky Worshipped the Devil  7/20/2016  (690)

Understanding the Context for Preaching  7/16/2016  (635)

Journalists Must Treat Trump Differently  7/15/2016  (683)

Reading Grace in History through a Black Lens  6/26/2016  (681)

A Dark Day for the UK  6/24/2016  (647)

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Has Got to Go to Unite Democrats Against the Racist, Trump  5/27/2016  (762)

John Caputo On Divine Sovereignty and the Weakness of God  5/23/2016  (708)

A Corrupt Form of Christianity is Destroying the Republican Party  4/5/2016  (838)

President Obama: 'We are Easter People'  3/31/2016  (775)

Evangelicals are Not Voting Trump, Jacksonians Are  3/31/2016  (742)

The Modern War on Drugs Began as Nixon's Racist Assault on Black People  3/24/2016  (792)

Listen to a Black Man Standing Silently at a Trump Rally  3/15/2016  (796)

Who Should be President? Strict Father or Nurturing Parent  3/3/2016  (837)

Trump is a Fraud Who is Playing the American People as Suckers, Says Romney  3/3/2016  (878)

Asked about Donald Trump's Wall, Pope Francis Suggests He 'Is Not Christian'  2/18/2016  (841)

How the Portland Media Help Make Domestic Terrorists into Heroes  2/6/2016  (807)

Flint, Michigan: Death Camp City  1/22/2016  (834)

Privatization of Public Land is a Bad Idea  1/22/2016  (919)

Peace Lutheran in Burns, Oregon, Requests Prayers  1/20/2016  (927)

How the Iraq War Created ISIS: Crucial Information for Understanding Terrorism  12/6/2015  (924)

Leading Republican Candidate Donald Trump: How Stupid are the People of Iowa?  11/13/2015  (916)

CNN Repeats Stupid Claim by Pew Research that Religious 'Nones' Dominate Democratic Party  11/5/2015  (906)

First Things has become Relevant to Only One Region of the Country: the South  11/2/2015  (939)

Tell Ben Carson to Give Up His Presidential Campaign  10/27/2015  (912)

Corporate-Funded Think Tanks have Created an Angry, Destructive Politics  10/24/2015  (906)

Protestants Need a Pope  9/30/2015  (970)

R.R. Reno at First Things is Disappointed by Pope Francis  9/25/2015  (995)

Matt Taibbi on the GOP Clown Car  8/15/2015  (1104)

Pray to be Filled with Awe and Contemplation  8/12/2015  (987)

Jurgen Habermas: A New Possibility for Europe  7/21/2015  (1144)

The Republican Party has become an Agent of Southern Religion, Racism and Anti-Unionism  7/20/2015  (975)

Historic Day: Gay Marriage Affirmed by Supreme Court in All 50 States  6/26/2015  (1057)

Gun Manufacturers Cannot Be Christian says Pope Francis  6/22/2015  (1073)

Pope Francis Teaches Us about Climate Change and the Moral Imperative to Act  6/20/2015  (1097)

Cornel West Wows a Conservative University Audience  5/4/2015  (1342)

Police Violence in Baltimore  4/29/2015  (1310)

Bonhoeffer's Vision: An Outcast Church on the Margins of Society  4/25/2015  (1169)

The Debate Over Cornel West  4/21/2015  (1222)

Nebraska Doesn't Believe in the Free Market for Its Electricity  3/29/2015  (1246)

The New Political Mission of the Historic Protestant Church  3/16/2015  (1280)

When Fascism Comes to America; What Love of Country Really Means  3/1/2015  (1287)

Senators Marco Rubio and Joni Ernst Don't Know the Difference between Sunni and Shia Islam  2/28/2015  (1968)

The Shameful Media Attack on John Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes  2/18/2015  (1758)

Francis Says God Loves the Marginalized  2/16/2015  (1208)

Rand Paul Disqualifies Himself  2/4/2015  (1326)

Oxfam Report: How the Wealthy Get Their Money by Not Working or Paying Taxes  1/26/2015  (1255)

John Boehner Wants The U.S. to go to War with Iran  1/21/2015  (1282)

Martin Luther on Charlie Hebdo: Sick Secularism and Billy Graham  1/14/2015  (3365)

Whose Speech is Actually Free?  1/14/2015  (1314)

Historic Protestant Speech is Not Free in America Today  1/14/2015  (1488)

Wall Street has Bought Itself a Congress  12/15/2014  (1276)

Democrats Move to Encourage an Elizabeth Warren Candidancy  12/10/2014  (1316)

Iowa Lutherans: Don't Vote for Joni Ernst  10/27/2014  (2780)

Wendell Berry and Incarnational Theology  10/21/2014  (1529)

Did God Kill Jesus? Moltmann on Anticipated Terror and Joy  10/10/2014  (1542)

Stop the Oil Train Bombs  10/2/2014  (1547)

The Terrible Self-Righteousness of George Weigel at First Things  9/19/2014  (1482)

Violence All Across the World, including Ferguson, Missouri  8/15/2014  (1575)

Reagan's View of History Still Prevails  8/15/2014  (1456)

Nick Hanauer: Beware, Fellow Plutocrats, the Pitchforks are Coming  8/13/2014  (1519)

Blowing Up Jonah: The Political Use of Religious Symbols  8/12/2014  (1657)

Listen to Rabbi Henry Siegman on Gaza: Killing Innocents  8/1/2014  (1452)

The Lost Iraq War  7/30/2014  (1418)

It is Not Anti-Semitic to Question Israel's Right to Exist as an Ethnic State   7/24/2014  (1465)

Republicans Elect Mark Walker: A Racist, Blasphemous, Baptist Pastor  7/23/2014  (1901)

There is No Religious Left  7/22/2014  (1460)

Crisis in Ukraine: A Bit of Background  7/18/2014  (1400)

Teachers Turn Against Obama  7/12/2014  (1598)

The Trouble With Brain Science  7/12/2014  (1468)

The Roman Catholic Supreme Court Decides What is 'Sincere' Religious Belief   7/1/2014  (1544)

Karl Polanyi and the Stark Utopianism of Market Fundamentalism  7/1/2014  (1519)

Corporate Provided Health Care Has To Go  6/30/2014  (1444)

Brookings Report on Economic Justice and the Future of Religious Progressives  4/25/2014  (1554)

Coal Train Crisis Abates   4/16/2014  (1581)

Gay Marriage Ban Ending in England and Wales on Saturday  3/29/2014  (1607)

Obama Should Have Prosecuted the Bush Administration for War Crimes  3/28/2014  (1569)

A False Gospel: Corporate Christianity  3/27/2014  (1584)

Koch Brothers are Creating Their Own Political Party  1/26/2014  (1738)

Social Justice in New York City  1/1/2014  (1765)

God is a God of Freedom: Pope Francis and Liberation Theology  12/21/2013  (1756)

America, America, the Country that Kills Its Prophets  11/23/2013  (1885)

Thinking about a New Protestantism  11/21/2013  (1790)

Hysterical Anti-Communism: Billy Graham Urged the Killing of a Million Vietnamese  11/21/2013  (2714)

The Next President will be a Woman and a Methodist, but not Hillary  11/11/2013  (1771)

Regular Republicans are Beginning to Reject Their Leaders  11/11/2013  (1703)

Pastors: Help Your People Understand Obamacare  11/6/2013  (1807)

Mothers and Grandmothers on Abortion  11/5/2013  (1910)

Why Obamacare is a Political Con Job  10/30/2013  (1960)

Very Disturbing Governance by Media Manipulation  10/4/2013  (1996)

A Reformation Pope  10/2/2013  (1871)

When the Big Money Mafia Rule  10/1/2013  (1930)

Obama Wins Shutdown Battle  10/1/2013  (2096)

Samantha Power: Protection of the Innocent  9/11/2013  (2090)

Pope Francis to Meet with Gustavo Gutierrez, Founder of Liberation Theology  9/11/2013  (2070)

Apocalypse: Life Beyond Empire and Environmental Destruction  9/9/2013  (1917)

Joining Obama Against Himself?  9/5/2013  (2081)

Arab Spring: Transfer of Power in Syria  9/4/2013  (1998)

Religious Conflict in the History of Syria  9/3/2013  (1996)

Hunger Games: The Divide and Conquer Marketing Strategy of Fox News  8/7/2013  (2234)

The Terrible Mendacity of Stanley Kurtz  8/5/2013  (2474)

Obama Speaks on Verdict in Trayvon Martin Case  7/19/2013  (1977)

Summer Heat: Elders Called to Engage in Civil Disobedience  7/18/2013  (2031)

Business Predators Must Be Forced to Stop Their Damaging Behavior  5/26/2013  (2201)

Pastors Create Public Consciousness  5/26/2013  (2138)

Kathyrn Tanner: The Social Trinity and Politics  5/26/2013  (2207)

Obama Failed to Appoint Competent IRS Leaders  5/22/2013  (2309)

Occupy Theology: Obama has Broken the Hearts of the Young  5/20/2013  (1972)

Corporate Conspiracy Theories in Pastoral Consciousness  5/17/2013  (2181)

The Gosnell Verdict and Abortion Politics  5/16/2013  (2502)

False Equivalence, the IRS, and the Right's Persecution Complex  5/15/2013  (2184)

The NRA: Southern Political Terrorism  5/14/2013  (2116)

Public Violence  4/17/2013  (1949)

A Teacher is Raised  4/8/2013  (2060)

Stop Coal Exports  3/27/2013  (2121)

Health Care Hogs Drive Up Costs  3/27/2013  (1967)

Manufactured Landscapes  3/23/2013  (2088)

About Death Camp Thinking  3/22/2013  (2088)

Marriage Equality Goes Mainstream  3/21/2013  (2111)

Hope for the New Pope  3/14/2013  (2207)

The End of a Catholic Moment  3/12/2013  (2121)

Wealth Inequality is Much Worse than Most People Believe   3/11/2013  (2135)

The Government is Making Us Old  3/11/2013  (2340)

Fairness Now Means to Tax the Rich More  12/10/2012  (2208)

Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness:THE NEW JIM CROW  11/14/2012  (2331)

A Victory for Life  11/7/2012  (2043)

Romney is Not a Christian  11/5/2012  (2296)

It's Not Theology that is Utopian Today, It's the Market Fundamentalists Like Romney  10/17/2012  (2654)

Why Does Romney Focus So Much On Apology?  9/12/2012  (2218)

A Way of Speaking that Wins Elections  9/6/2012  (2141)

Compared to Other Nations, America is Under-Taxed and More Unequal  8/31/2012  (2167)

Obedience, Not Liberty, is Highest Value for Real Conservatives  8/28/2012  (2263)

Romney Degrades Himself with Welfare Ad  8/28/2012  (2216)

Prosperity Economics: Building an Economy for All  8/3/2012  (2288)

Michele Bachmann: Say Stupid Things, Make Lots of Money  8/1/2012  (2183)

The Trees are Falling  7/14/2012  (2416)

President's Social Darwinism Comment Stirs Up Business Elite  4/16/2012  (2297)

Today is My Last Day at Goldman Sachs  3/14/2012  (2317)

Creation is Broken: Against Utopian Conservatives  3/9/2012  (2317)

Women have Spoken: The End of Rush Limbaugh  3/9/2012  (2301)

Nazism and Public Schools: Catholic Bishops Want Public Money for Their Own Schools  2/25/2012  (2795)

The Cynical Use of Religion by Economic Elites  2/23/2012  (2812)

The Continuing Attack by Religious Right against Mainline Christianity  2/22/2012  (2525)

A Phony Public Theology  2/22/2012  (2302)

Naming the Enemy: Biological Fundamentalism  2/17/2012  (2297)

Social Policy in Pastoral Consciousness: Who Should Serve the 'Poor'?  2/16/2012  (2374)

Bishops Reject Obama Compromise, the Devil is Forcing Birth Control  2/14/2012  (2360)

Even Critics of Safety Net Increasingly Depend on It  2/13/2012  (2327)

Romney Believes Constitution is Divine  2/11/2012  (2390)

Santorum Reveals His Political Philosophy with Comment on French Revolution  2/10/2012  (4977)

Legal Aspects of the Contraception Debate  2/9/2012  (2368)

Catholic Bishops Want Freedom to Oppress Women  2/8/2012  (2817)

David Stockman on Crony Capitalism, A Very Helpful Discussion  1/26/2012  (4818)

Wall Street to be Investigated  1/25/2012  (2716)

Obama Tells Truth about Economy  12/7/2011  (2342)

God Demands Justice  11/17/2011  (2346)

Understanding Protest Movements  11/15/2011  (2271)

Chris Hedges: People Have Finally Woken Up  10/8/2011  (2328)

A New Economic Strategy for Wall Street Protests  10/5/2011  (2405)

Wall Street Occupation Protest - Live Video  9/26/2011  (2401)

Tens of Thousands Protest in Israel; Citizens of the USA Should Also Hit the Streets  8/7/2011  (2415)

A Day of Blasphemy: Governor Rick Perry's Prayer Festival  8/5/2011  (2639)

Wall Street Hates the Tea Party  8/4/2011  (2447)

The Instability of the American Political System  7/27/2011  (2540)

Fukuyama on The Origins of Political Order  4/15/2011  (2479)

Obama Punches Back  4/13/2011  (2602)

Punish the Poor  4/9/2011  (2686)

Facing the Reality of Conflict and the Problem with Liberal Neutrality  3/21/2011  (2615)

The Republican Attack on Poor Women  2/20/2011  (2576)

A Real Spirit of Peace  2/11/2011  (2482)

Public Lies about Tax Cuts  2/10/2011  (2568)

The People Own the Streets  2/2/2011  (2599)

Political Violence Works  1/13/2011  (2713)

Religion as a Matter of Political Calculation  12/24/2010  (2800)

Tea Party Leader Says Methodist Church is the Religious Arm of Socialism   12/20/2010  (2862)

Bottom-up History: The Commoners of Atwood  12/13/2010  (2606)

Patriotic Millionaires Support Increase in Their OwnTaxes  12/10/2010  (2682)

Democrats Elected a Republican President  12/9/2010  (2624)

Obama Agrees to Increase Obscene Levels of Inequality  12/9/2010  (2485)

The Unemployed are Actual, Real People  12/3/2010  (2704)

A Deep Sense of Bewilderment and Betrayal  12/2/2010  (2715)

Chalmers Johnson Dies, Military Writer Who Told the Truth  11/21/2010  (2666)

Should the Rich Rule?  11/3/2010  (2541)

The Liberation Theology of Abraham Lincoln  10/12/2010  (2749)

Mass Psychosis as a Pastoral Concern  9/24/2010  (2753)

Glenn Beck and Apostolic Authority  8/31/2010  (2637)

A Moving Event  7/19/2010  (2556)

Gay Marriage to Become Law of the Land  6/21/2010  (2627)

Facing Death at the Center of Life  6/14/2010  (2690)

Rand Paul Exposes Tea Party Racism in Libertarianism  5/20/2010  (2791)

Equal Freedom: The Obama Doctrine  5/7/2010  (2963)

The Last Protestant is Leaving  4/9/2010  (2714)

Economics in Pastoral Consciousness  3/14/2010  (2844)

The Strategic Consciousness of the Protestant Pastor  3/1/2010  (2753)

Memesis and the Culture of Personal Crisis  2/15/2010  (2984)

Watch Out for that Communist Folk Music  1/22/2010  (2930)

The Political Cross at Xmas  12/23/2009  (2849)

There are Socialists and Communists in the White House  10/15/2009  (3593)

Send Money to ACORN Now!  9/19/2009  (3258)

The Moral Blindness of Glenn Beck  8/11/2009  (3336)

The Media Creation of Whacko Conservatism  7/30/2009  (3185)

Seven Pentecostal Mountains and Sarah Palin  7/16/2009  (3341)

Major Media Unfairly Presents Anti-Abortion Rhetoric  6/3/2009  (3299)

You Can Get Killed in a Public Church  6/2/2009  (3434)

Historical Jesus Theories: Bringing on the Reign of God  5/20/2009  (3708)

It's Not Socialism, It's Insanity  5/20/2009  (3236)

When Life Begins is Not at all Clear  5/19/2009  (3493)

The Political Use of Torture  4/25/2009  (3234)

Jesus is Not Some Phony Spook  4/22/2009  (3186)

Poisoned Waters, Chicken Shit and Smart Growth  4/21/2009  (3396)

The Significance of the Killing of Robert F. Kennedy  4/13/2009  (3414)

The Last Book by Neuhaus: America is Babylon  4/10/2009  (3603)

About the New Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships  4/9/2009  (3331)

Seeing the Truth about God and Economy  4/2/2009  (3523)

Big Bankers as Terrorists  3/23/2009  (3529)

Without Trust, No Economy  3/19/2009  (3322)

Exposing the Dual Structure of American Governance  3/19/2009  (3245)

Another Big Book on Justice  3/17/2009  (3265)

Why Pastors Need to Understand Rush Limbaugh  3/16/2009  (3359)

The Freeman Affair and the Israel Lobby  3/16/2009  (3372)

Uncreative Destruction  3/16/2009  (3419)

Some Truth about Income Tax Rates  3/13/2009  (3686)

Cultural Redemption: The Jewish-Arab Peace Song  3/13/2009  (3667)

The Poor Reputation of Evangelicals around the World  3/13/2009  (3460)

They have Stolen Our Language  3/11/2009  (3454)

CNBC: Mouthpiece for Business Ideology  3/11/2009  (3222)

Why Habermas?  3/11/2009  (3320)

Sex in God's Family  3/8/2009  (3560)

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Apocalypse: Life Beyond Empire and Environmental Destruction

Barbara Rossing speaks about the book of Revelation and environmental justice in the video below. She sees Revelation providing a vision of "life beyond empire" not somewhere else in some spiritualized world, but right here in the midst of our current cosmos. Here is a bible-based critique of the "Left Behind" view of the end-times, a view invented in the 19th century. She will speak at St Mark Lutheran Church in Salem, Oregon, October 3-6, 2013.

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