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Syria: Obama’s Surprising (and Confusing) Latest Moves  9/3/2013 
Richard A. Falk: Article  Obama's proposal is based on a false and incoherent American exceptionalism ignoring international law and the logic of Republican governance.

God as Community  5/12/2013 
Ed Knudson: Article  A sermon for the Seventh Sunday of Easter, May 12, 2013, at Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon.

The Second Thief: Recognition of Injustice  3/28/2013 
Ed Knudson: Article  On the cross Jesus portrays paradise as a place of justice, a place for those who recognize injustice in the land. To fear God is to understand God as a God of justice.

Pastors and the Media: Objectivity Kills the Good News and the Bad  2/3/2010 
Chris Hedges: Article  The bible functioned as 'media' in ancient worlds. Are pastors like reporters today, hiding behind claims of objectivity, afraid to take the side of truth, empathy, justice?

Preach Mailing List for Pastors and Scholars  3/5/2009 
Note  You are invited to join this mailing lists for discussion of issues in preaching and public theology.

It's about Greed  1/10/2005 
Sermon  Sermon by Dwayne J. Westermann on Luke 12:13-21

A Living Conversation with the Text  1/5/2005 
Notes  James Nestingen writes about Luther's interpretation of Genesis and debates over law and gospel in its development.

Christmas, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood of Make Believe, and Lake Wobegon  12/30/2004 
Sermon  This sermon by Jerry Stinson invites us to us revel in the truth of the Christmas myths, the wonder and the wisdom that flows from nativity stories.

The Solidarity of Jesus in the Flesh  12/22/2004 
Ed Knudson: Article  Christmas sermons can explore a central meaning of incarnation by considering Stephen J. Nichols analysis of who is the antichrist.

Lowly Shepherds Tell the Story  12/22/2004 
Mark Hanson: Sermon  A Christmas Message from Bishop Mark Hanson of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

The Parable of the Old Man and the Young  11/11/2004 
Article  A willfred Owen poem for Armistice/Veterans Day

Preaching about War: A Quandary for Pastors   3/31/2003 
Ed Knudson: Article  Pastors often find it hard to speak about war. Maybe the idea of public church can help. Some specific ways to address the issue are offered here.

Preaching Peace   3/27/2003 
Article  Sermon resources with comments based on the thought of Rene Girard.

Pastors Not Taking a Position on War   3/22/2003 
Article  Survey by Pew Research Center shows religious faith does not define war opinions.

Preaching about AIDS   3/21/2003 
Article  Ronald J. Weatherford asks why pastors don't preach about HIV/AIDS.

The Communities of the Apostles   6/5/2002 
Note  A map displaying early biblical communities.

Preach Section

There has never been a time when preaching is more important. The world is in the midst of crises never seen before. The United States has come to a stage in its history which is challenging the very nature of what it means to be a human being living in a global world.

We intend to develop a full complement of materials helpful to preaching Public Theology in local congregations. This will include an email list for discussions among preachers along with a weekly email on the texts for the day. Please watch for this feature.

On the right you will find sample sermons and materials on preaching and homiletics.

Text Studies will be available in its own section.

Some helpful reources for preaching: Please contact us to let us know how this section can be improved for you.

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