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Public Theology: Peace Section
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  Peace Web Research

Putin's Little Boy May Not Be Able to Deliver What the Master Wants  7/27/2017 
Thomas Graham: Article  Trump is desperate to stop the current investigation so he can help Putin do what Putin needs. Here is good background for understanding the Russia investigation.

Donald Trump and the Coming Fall of American Empire  7/23/2017 
Jeremy Scahill: Article  History professor Alfred McCoy talks about the sins of American history, heroin in Vietnam, the CIA use of drug money in Iran-Contra, the rise of China, Bush's disastrous war in Iraq, Trump weakness

'We Want God,' Says Donald Trump in Poland  7/6/2017 
David Smith: Article  The Warsaw speech pits western world against barbarians at the gates. Is this a 'God of the West' or what? It is blasphemy to misuse the name of God for one's own selfish purposes. Trump should stop.

Why It Still Matters: The American War in Vietnam in the Age of Trump  1/24/2017 
Howard Machtinger: Article  The roots of Trumpism lie in part in deep-seated feelings of resentment and victimization that will not easily be uprooted or challenged. America was 'great' before Vietnam.

Don’t Make A Mystic into a Martyr: Fethullah Gülen as Peacebuilder  12/24/2016 
Jon Pahl: Article  The Turkish government blames the recent failed military coup on a Sufi mystic living in Pennsylvania. A Lutheran professor of Christian history tells the truth about this Muslim imam.

The Christian Democracy of Angela Merkel: A Lutheran Pastor's Daughter  12/24/2016 
Jan-Werner Mueller: Article  Like few others on the continent, Merkel seems to understand this is a decisive moment not just for Germany, and for the EU, also for Christian Democracy, one of Europe’s leading governing ideologies.

Venezuelan Government Needs Support, Not Overthrow  5/18/2016 
David Hoskins: Article  Nicolas Maduro declared a constitutional state of emergency in that country. Right wing capitalists are trying undo the revolution that brought material hope to so many.

The Middle East is Now the Most Unequal Region on the Planet  12/10/2015 
Larry Rubin: Article  Economic injustice, not Muslim faith, is the primary cause of instability and terrorism in the Middle East according to economist Thomas Piketty.

San Bernardino Terrorist Attack is Directly Linked to Saudi Arabia  12/10/2015 
Lilly Martin: Article  To understand Tashfeen Malik, and why a young woman would abandon her infant child, you must understand Saudi Arabia and the upbringing she had there, institutionalized Radical Islam.

Conservative Christian Leader Blasts Anti-Refugee Rhetoric, Calls For Compassion  11/20/2015 
McKay Coppins: Article  Russell Moore, the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, criticized the 'dangerous' anti-refugee sentiment of Republican candidates.

Keep God-talk Out of Football  9/22/2015 
Dave Zirin: Article  Green Bay beat the Seattle Seahawks last Sunday leading Aaron Rodgers to comment on last year's claim of Russell Wilson that a higher power was on his side.

Pragmatism Should Replace Exceptionalism as the Focus of U.S. International Relations  8/25/2015 
Robert Parry: Article  In a world of crashing global stock markets, it is good to remember that Neocon-driven ideology of endless chaos carries a prohibitively high price. Rethink wars and Ukraine and Middle East.

Jewish and Christian Leaders Publish Their Support for President Obama's Iran Deal  8/25/2015 
Article  Some Jewish organizations oppose the Iran nuclear deal, but they do not represent a majority of the Jewish community. Key leaders in both the Christian and Jewish community support the deal.

Obama Administration Fails to Support Pro-Democracy Movement in Yemen  4/23/2015 
Stephen Zunes: Article  The U.S has been supporting the Saudi dictatorship efforts in Yemen rather than a pro-democracy movement there, helping to create the current crisis.

Open Letter to the People and Leaders of Iran from the People of the United States  3/13/2015 
Article  Forty-seven Republican senators were wrong on constitutional and treaty facts in their letter to Iran against peaceful negotiations of President Obama. Sign this open letter.

The Ukrainian Crisis, the CIA, and the Possibility of Peace in Europe  2/28/2015 
Jonathan Steele: Article  A book by Richard Sakwa is reviewed exposing the hugely negative role of NATO and the role of intelligence agencies in keeping the Cold War going at all costs. Crucial reading for peace activists.

The Meaning of Netanyahu's Speech: Spitting in the Face of Obama  2/28/2015 
Uri Avnery: Article  A famous Israeli peace activist speaks plainly about how much Netanyahu needs the Congressional podium for his election. John Boehner betrays the United States.

Hailed as a Model for Successful Intervention, Libya Proves to be the Exact Opposite  2/21/2015 
Glenn Greenwald: Article  Isis is now killing Egyptian Christians in Libya, which was supposed to have been liberated by the US and Europe from Gaddafi. What went wrong?

The Truth about Iraq: ISIS Has Been Caused by Total Failure of Bush Policies  2/21/2015 
Thom Hartmann: Article  The American military wrecked Iraq. Then Bush appointees thought the 'free market' would magically solve all problems. Here is what we should do now.

We Now Know the Facts: George W. Bush's Iraq War was a Complete Failure  10/16/2014 
William J. Astore: Article  A new Iraqi army, much-touted and funded to the tune of $25 billion over the 10 years of the American occupation has failed miserably to confront ISIS. Here is the sad story of policy failure.

ISIL, Iraq and Syria: Good Governance is Much More Important than Military Action  9/24/2014 
Zuri Linetsky: Article  It is crucial right now for pastors and laypersons to know Middle East history, Institutional design and maintenance is the key to preventing the resurgence of quasi-states, not military action.

The Political Economy of Israeli Apartheid and the Specter of Genocide  9/23/2014 
William I. Robinson: Article  Read this outstanding historical interpretation and analysis of what is happening in Israel and Gaza. It is particularly important to take into account these basic facts at this time.

ISIS: America Creates Its Own Worst Enemies  9/2/2014 
Tom Engelhardt: Article  Looking back over a couple decades in the Middle East, it appears that the more the U.S. fights terrorists, the more terrorists are created. We do just what terrorists want, using violence

German Journalist Sounds Alarm about Calls for War over Ukraine  8/10/2014 
Gabor Steingart: Article  Willy Brandt and the Berlin Wall are recalled to refute the growing war fever against Putin and the Russians threatening the peace of Europe. This must stop now!.

Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land Must End, Say U.S. Churches  7/24/2014 
Article  It is time for the U.S. to condemn Israeli bombardment of civilian centers and the blockade just as strongly as it has condemned indiscriminate rockets from Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups

Understanding the Nakba (the Palestinian Catastrophe)  7/23/2014 
Donna Nevel: Article  The current Israeli government is based on the idea that Jewish life is more precious than Palestinian life, which makes Israel a 'racist state'. That idea is behind the current conflict.

Israel Must Stop Playing Victim  7/18/2014 
Ed Knudson: Article  In an exchange of letters regarding a statement endorsed by the Oregon Area Jewish Committee, Israel is urged to stop playing the victim game and take responsibility for its role in settlements.

Lutheran Bishop Calls for a Cessation of All Hostilities between Israel and Hamas  7/18/2014 
Elizabeth A. Eaton: Article  As Israel continues a ground offensive against Gaza, which is experiencing much more suffering and loss of life than Israel, the attention of the world is focused on that region.

It's Time to Demand Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel  7/14/2014 
Chris Hedges: Article  It has become impossible for Israel to change itself, to provide justice for Palestinians. It must be forced to do so by outside forces like in South Africa. This has become a global moral imperative.

Positive Thoughts on Dark Times around the Globe  7/13/2014 
James Petras: Article  Here is a look around the world from the perspective of those looking for more justice and peace for all, It's a good time to organize new groups to bring a new order to the countries of the world.

The Arab Millennials Will Be Back   6/29/2014 
Juan Cole: Article  Three ways the youth rebellions are still shaping the Middle East despite what's happening now in Iraq and Syria and Egypt.

The Real Danger of False Narrative in Major Media about Ukraine  3/28/2014 
Robert Parry: Article  Like Iraq, the mass media is in lockstep in presenting a very false and simplistic story about Ukraine which can lead to huge diplomatic and military mistakes.

Ukraine: The Enemy of Your Enemy is Not Always Your Friend   3/11/2014 
Zoltán Grossman: Article  An estimated 30 percent of the protesters in Kiev's Independence Square were far-right ultranationalists. And they are in the new government.

A Single Waning Superpower  3/4/2014 
Tom Engelhardt: Article  Despite blustery and bellicose talk from some old line neoconservatives, there seems to be something new under the sun. A lack of war.

The Role of the CIA and FBI in the Killing of JFK: Crucial for American History  11/12/2013 
David Talbot: Article  Fifty years after the epic crime against JFK a complicit media still covers up the truth for the security state. We need to reclaim our history.

Syria: Obama’s Surprising (and Confusing) Latest Moves  9/3/2013 
Richard A. Falk: Article  Obama's proposal is based on a false and incoherent American exceptionalism ignoring international law and the logic of Republican governance.

The U.S. Cannot Claim Moral Superiority in Syria  9/3/2013 
Juan Cole: Article  The author reminds us where chemical weapons come from and how the U.S. has used unconvential warfare against others in the middle east and elsewhere.

Obama Joins Intense Religious Conflict within Syria Threatening Wider Middle East War  6/18/2013 
Robert Fisk: Article  Past religious wars between Protestants and Catholics can be compared to current Sunni-Shia conflicts in Syria and the Middle East. Read here about Russia's stake in this conflict too.

What Should the U.S. Do Now About Syria?  5/14/2013 
Ron Young: Article  To have a realistic chance of success, an international intervention would have to involve Russia - and Iran and China - as well as the major countries supporting the rebels.

America’s Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost  4/26/2013 
David Sirota: Article  Chalmers Johnson's notion of 'blowback' is adopted by a revered journalist, Tom Brokaw, concerning the Boston Marathon bombing. Jeremiah Wright wasn't so wrong after all.

Understanding the Enemy-Industrial-Complex  4/15/2013 
Tom Engelhardt: Article  Pastors will find here much on which to build sermons on peace and war, and the danger of trusting leaders who create fear and lie about the real enemy.

Zero Dark Thirty: Sadism as Patriotic Duty  1/10/2013 
Karen J. Greenberg: Article  Obama failed to prosecute the war crimes of George W. Bush and his henchmen, leaving the public space open for a movie like this to affirm torture and brutality.

Arab-Israeli-Palestinian Peace Is More Urgent Than Ever  3/3/2012 
Ron Young: Article  Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders urge all presidential candidates not to use any rhetoric that could make prospects for peace more problematic.

A Farewell to Nuclear Arms  10/13/2011 
Mikhail Gorbachev: Article  The former president of the Soviet Union recalls his meeting with Ronald Reagan in Reykjavik twenty-five years ago and proposes new initiatives to end nuclear threats.

Big Guns Rule the World (according to Conservative Magical Thinking)  4/14/2011 
Andrew J. Bacevich: Article  It's not why Obama chose to go into Libya, it's how. The use of big guns seems hardwired into political consciousness, especially by Ronald Reagan and his acolyte conservatives.

The Mark Inside: Joseph Beuys and Coyote meet 'Humanitarian' Bombing Campaigns  4/1/2011 
Phil Rockstroh: Article  The people of Germany refused to face their complicity in the crimes of the Third Reich. In the same way, Americans also fail to reckon with their unsavory past.

Hundreds Pack Courthouse as Anti-Nuclear Activists are Sent to Jail  3/28/2011 
Bill Quigley: Article  Grandmothers, priests, and a nun were sentanced by a federal court in Tacoma for breaking into a stockpile of Trident nuclear weapons.

Barack Obama, Oscar Romero and Structural Sin  3/24/2011 
Greg Grandin: Article  Trade policy and the role of large business are critical for justice in El salvador and Central America.

Protestant Churches Urge NATO to Remove All Nuclear Weapons from Europe  3/17/2011 
Article  The policies of four ecumenical organizations, the WCC, NCC, Conference of European Churches and Canadian Council of Churches, call for complete nuclear disarmament.

The Great Arab Revolt: New Economic and Political Models?  3/16/2011 
Pepe Escobar: Article  Western views of Arabs, Clash of Civilizations, End of History, and Islamophobia, no longer prevail. Arabs are writing their own history.

The Primary Force of Egyptian Uprising: Revolt of the Young  2/2/2011 
Azza Karam: Article  Egypt's population has exploded over the past decades, average age is now 24 years old, and unemployed youth have had enough of an oppressive regime.

Uprising in Egypt is Not Like Iran in1979  2/2/2011 
Juan Cole: Article  Here is helpful background on what is happening now in Egypt. Neoconservative fears about the Mulim Brotherhood are over-blown.

2025: The Era of the United States as Global Superpower has Ended  12/7/2010 
Alfred W. McCoy: Article  Four scenarios point to the end of American empire far earlier than most people are expecting. Empires are fragile organisms. It started down in 2003.

National Security State Means Personal Humiliation, Not Safety  11/30/2010 
Tom Engelhardt: Article  Americans need to connect what their country does abroad with the declining quality of life at home.

Religious Leaders Denounce Anti-Muslim Bigotry  9/9/2010 
Article  A statement about Park 51 in New York City which also applies to the Florida pastor who wants to burn the Koran.

A Bloated Military Threatens the Future of the United States  6/26/2010 
Tom Engelhardt: Article  The expansion of the military is documented here and its dangers for this country. We are on the way to becoming just like the Soviet Union, a failed empire.

Protestant Churches Promote Concept of Just Peace  5/19/2010 
Article  A German Kirchentag in Munich prepares for a Peace Convocation in May, 2011, in Kingston, Jamaica. 'Security without peace becomes opression.'

Off Dead Center: Things Can Always Get Worse  4/11/2010 
Greg Grandin: Article  William Appleman Williams taught and wrote in Wisconsin and Oregon. This historian saw empire and foreign policy different from Arthur Schlesinger and Reinhold Niebuhr.

Reading Tim O’Brien in Hanoi  4/2/2010 
Matt Steinglass: Article  Vietnamese are not so interested in stories about the American war, since they won it and don't care for amoral chaos.

Existential Politics: Eight Hours in the Basement for Peace  2/23/2010 
Sam Smith: Article  Kevin Zeese and George O'Neill are trying to form an anti-war coalition of people with views from the right, left and radical center, views of many Americans left out of current debates.

German Military Model Admired by U.S. War Planners  2/22/2010 
William J. Astore: Article  The German military was not much successful in the 20th century, so why are military professionals in this country so fascinated with it?

A Regional Plan for Disengagement from Afghanistan  1/5/2010 
Selig S. Harrison: Article  The US should give up its military bases in Afghanistan. With detailed analysis of ethnic and religious differences in the area, this article shows how to exit the Afghan war.

Iran & the Sacred Day, Ashura: The Profound Past Becomes Volcanic Present  12/29/2009 
Arthur Waskow: Article  Both religion and politics are intensifying in the current demonstrations in Iran. Expect vocalcanoes, says a Jewish rabbi.

The Battle in Seattle Changed Attitudes and Policies on Globalization  11/30/2009 
Mark Engler: Article  Ten years ago today protests in Seattle began to change hearts and minds around the world on free trade policies which allow corporations to do whatever they want wherever they are.

The Urgent Need to Demilitarize the National Security State  10/23/2009 
Melvin A. Goodman: Article  Here is a brief review of national security policy over the past decades and what the Obama administration should consider to finally end Cold War attitudes.

Afghanistan: Another March of Folly  5/21/2009 
Norman Solomon: Article  Another president is preaching one thing and doing another. There is a terrible logic about dependence on military solutions for political problems, as learned in Vietnam.

Rumsfeld's Pentagon Uses Bible to Promote War  5/20/2009 
Nathan Schneider: Article  Difficult as it is to believe, George Bush was sent bible passages to encourage him in waging the illegal war in Iraq.

Constructing a Past Usable to the Present   4/28/2009 
Andrew J. Bacevich: Article  The United States has its share of sins to confess as a nation, about Cuba, The Bomb and Cold War, Iran and Afghanistan.

Reconsidering U.S. Power in a Time of Economic Crisis  4/20/2009 
Mark Engler: Article  Neoconservatives wanted this country to follow the British in a quest for world domination. Recent events open the way for a more hopeful future.

Dispatches from Porto Alegre  2/4/2005 
Article  Sanuel Loewenberg reports on the 2005 World Social Forum in Brazil.

Backfire: America Becoming Dispensable  1/31/2005 
Michael Lind: Article  Michael Lind explains how Europe and Asia are cooperating to leave the U.S. out of the global economic future.

2005 World Social Forum Begins  1/29/2005 
Article  Fifth edition of the WSF gets started in Brazil with over 120,000 people from around the world.

Portrait of a Textile Worker  1/25/2005 
Comment  Artist Terese Agnew has created a quilt over two years of a young femail garment worker from Bangladesh.

The Water Connection  1/24/2005 
Ed Knudson: Article  From the Puget Sound out to the world, water connects all people in ways explored at a history conference on seascapes, littoral cultures, and trans-oceanic exchanges.

Supermarket Giants Crush Central American Farmers  12/28/2004 
Article  Celia W. Dugger in the NY Times details food production in an age of globalization.

Another World is Possible: 2005 WSF  12/23/2004 
Article  Where in the world can you find people thinking really new thoughts about the future of the world? The World Social Forum in 2005 in Brazil.

Human Rights Day, High Time for a UN Democracy Caucus  12/16/2004 
Article  Jennifer Windsor of Freedom House discusses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

One Great Family: A New Spirituality  12/16/2004 
Article  The Theologian Leonardo Boff Hopes for Justice, Peace and More Free Time for Everyone.

Crtitique of Techno-Globalism  12/16/2004 
Article  Coco Fusco in In These Times talks about how information network concepts can miss important historical and cultural realities.

Christmas Joy Based on Worker Suffering  12/14/2004 
Article  Mattel makes toys in sweatshop conditions in China, Indonesia, and Mexico. Charlie Kernaghan wants to end sweatshops.

Al Qaeda Hates Our Policies, Not Our Freedoms  12/5/2004 
Article  Ray McGovern of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity comments on a report of the Defense Science Board.

Protecting Daddy: The 9/11 Commission Report  11/30/2004 
Article  Benjamin DeMott in Harpers Magazine explains how commission members could not bring themselves to face the facts of the President's lies about not being informed about Al Quaeda.

From Inside the Mosque  11/22/2004 
Article  American and Iraqi soldiers attacked a mosque on November 19, 2004. Here's how it looked from the inside.

Little Boy Talk about a Global Test  10/5/2004 
Ed Knudson: Article  President Bush sounded like a little boy in his State of the Union speech about not needing to ask permission. Kerry acts like a grown up.

The Momentous Issue of American-Sponsored Death   9/21/2004 
James Carroll: Article  Americans have not faced their own history of how much death their country has caused for six decades.

Divestment from Israel: Presbyterians Take Important Step   7/22/2004 
Clifton Kirkpatrick: Article  Clifton Kirkpatrick responds to questions about General Assembly action concerning Israel and Palestinians.

A CALL TO ACTION: The Church and U.S. Foreign Policymaking   3/29/2004 
Article  In this essay Ronald A. Johnson calls for reasoned and authoritative church involvement in U.S. foreign policy development.

God and Empire: Merry Christmas from Dick Cheney   1/2/2004 
Article  Molly Ivins talks about holiday greetings from the vice president which makes frightening reference to God and empire.

World Hunger and the WTO at Cancun   9/15/2003 
Article  Agricultural subsidies in rich countries attacked by farmers in developing countries.

Chronicles of War: It Will Last as Long as It Lasts   4/21/2003 
Ed Knudson: Article  An ongoing log of the experience of the Iraq war along with links to further resources including how the media is covering the war.

Bishop, other protesters, arrested near White House   4/2/2003 
Article  United Methodist Bishop C. Joseph Sprague arrested in protest against the Iraq war.

U.S. Invasion Vindicates Muslim Prophecy   3/31/2003 
Article  Since the 13th century, Islamic theologians have argued that military defeat at the hands of unbelievers results when Muslims embrace pluralism and worldly knowledge.

Lutheran World Federation Leader Critical of Iraq War   3/30/2003 
Ishmael Noko: Article  Interview with Rev. Dr Ishmael Noko, LWF General Secretary, on the Current International Crisis Concerning Iraq

How to Support Our Troops   3/23/2003 
Ed Knudson: Article  A divided country is made more divided by presidential arrogance.

Protests against the Iraq War   3/23/2003 
Reprint  This page reproduces some articles on demonstrations against the Iraq War.

Not Oil, But Dollars vs. Euros   3/22/2003 
Article  Geoffrey Heard writes about the real reasons for the Iraq war.

The University in a Time of War   3/22/2003 
Article  Mark K. Jensen offers comments on the Iraq war at Pacific Lutheran University.

Rachel Corrie's Emails   3/22/2003 
Article  An Israeli tank crushed Rachel Corrie in the Gaza Strip. Here are some emails she sent her family.

Iraq Attack is Immoral, Illegal and Ill-advised   3/20/2003 
Article  WCC Secretary Konrad Raiser expresses profound sorrow at the US attack on Iraq.

Bishop Has Deep Concern about Iraq War   3/20/2003 
Mark Hanson: Article  ELCA Bishop Mark Hanson writes to the church about Iraq.

The Pope Could Visit Baghdad   3/17/2003 
Helen Caldicott: Article  Dr. Helen Caldicott encourages us to send an email to the pope.

Pushing the President into War   2/21/2003 
Ed Knudson: Article  People around the President have been pushing for an Iraq war for a long time.

Church Leaders Question Drift toward War with Iraq   9/1/2002 
Comment  Central Committee of World Council of Churches publishes statement.

New Proposal for Middle East Peace   6/16/2002 
Article  Edward Said calls for end to rule by Arafat and for elections.

Peace Section

Perhaps the most crucial political issue today is differing perspectives on what should constitute the global future. The image of earth from space has given everyone the sense that we are, indeed, a global village. When people speak today of "hope for the future" a great deal of what that means has to do with not only a personal or a national but a global future. In this section we present materials related to hope for justice, peace and sustainable life for all peoples of the earth.

It is sobering to realize that the population of the earth more than doubled from 1950 to 2000, from 2,556,000,053 to 6,082,966,429. In 2008 the population is approaching 7 billion human beings. China and India together total nearly 2.5 billion people. The United States is the third most populated country with just over 300 million people.

Iraq Deaths Estimator
Any responsible person must take these figures into account in thinking about politics and social policy today. And any responsible person must support international institutions which are trying to do so. And that also means that the hysterical religious nationalism promoted by the Republican Party is wholly irresponsible along with its hostility to working with international partners and its tolerance of the malicious bellicosity of the neoconservative global military imperialist project.

There has never been a time than right now when politics is more important to end conservative negativism and to open the possibility for a positive future for the people of the planet.

It is crucial today to support such international institutions such as the United Nations: "The United Nations is central to global efforts to solve problems that challenge humanity. Cooperating in this effort are more than 30 affiliated organizations, known together as the UN system. Day in and day out, the UN and its family of organizations work to promote respect for human rights, protect the environment, fight disease and reduce poverty. UN agencies define the standards for safe and efficient air travel and help improve telecommunications and enhance consumer protection. The United Nations leads the international campaigns against drug trafficking and terrorism. Throughout the world, the UN and its agencies assist refugees, set up programmes to clear landmines, help expand food production and lead the fight against AIDS."

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